I wanted to be part of the solution & not the reason for peoples suffering and environmental exploitation in the developing world.  When I read about sweatshop production of sportswear and denim brands in the 90s,
I was totally shocked that our capitalist system did not legally protect workers from horrible forms of exploitation and often forced pollution into their communities. So I started People Tree, the organic cotton dress is People Tree, because I couldn’t find any Fair Trade fashion that looked good.
I think the True Cost movie really galvanised the Fashion revolution and younger people want transparency and to express their values. Maybe we are going back to making our own original style and slowing down. Buying quality over quantity and choosing ethical products. 

Today I’m wearing my favourite Star Wars by Po-Zu shoes the Resistance sneakers – out soon!

I have been aware of the ill effects our buying decisions have on the people and the planet since before I can remember - it has always been there in my mind. Throughout my life I have often felt paralysed by the options out there for me, wanting in so many ways to minimise the harm.

When I joined the Ethical Fashion Forum, I was really galvanised into action. It was a really important period of my life. It showed me that change was possible. Here was a huge network of fashion professionals working to do things make differently, we don't realise the power our buying decisions have to make the world a better place.

For everyone who has seen a documentary about the harm the shoe industry does to the people and the planet, you will understand why this is such an important issue for Po-Zu. 

Today I am proud to be wearing a pair of shoes made from pineapples. Really, I'm serious! Pinatex is an incredibly durable, vegan, low-impact material made using the pineapple husk waste fibre. The wedge is made from FSC responsibly sourced wood. I can walk around in these all day!

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