Don’t take our word for it! Here’s what our customers have to say about our shoes. 



And a few more!

“Feels truly like walking on air, while in a green touch that we wholeheartedly approve of.”

 Easy Living Magazine


"My Po-Zu shoes feel a bit like sinking into my favourite sofa, each time I put them on.”

Olivia.S from London


“I got out of bed this morning but my feet didn’t; it’s really weird.”

Christian. P from the UK


“My feet had got cold and wet just one time too many yesterday so I walked into a shop in London searching for a pair of boots that I could wear and my feet could stay dry in. After buying some socks, I tried on a pair of Po-Zu boots and couldn't take them off. I didn't want or need to try on any others. They are the most comfortable, warm, protective boots I have ever worn and my feet are happy feet. I walk about 2 hours a day and I haven't had any blisters or rubs. They're great. I'm a new fan. Thank you for making them.”

 Louise. T from London


“I really enjoyed wearing the Ziggy sandals over the summer - they were so comfortable and it makes a change not to have new footwear which "hurts" your feet as you wear them in! I also bought my husband a pair of the Peasy in brown leather last Christmas and he has been very happy with them. I wish you continued success with your company. Kind regards.”

 Helen. D from the UK


“I am converted to Po-Zu because they are the only shoes I've had that allow me to be on my feet for 10 hours a day without aching - thank you!”

 Georgia. M from the UK


“Walking on layers of love... My wife gave me a pair of your amazing shoes, so they were given out of love. These aren't work shoes made of preformed plastic by an anonymous corporation. These are shoes for playing in, for being one self and feeling like you're walking on warm sand beneath shaded palms. It's clear they've been designed with a genuine care for the natural beauty of pure materials. So you see, given in love and made with love :-) .”

 Jon. B from London


“Every time I put my Po-Zu slippers on my feet give a blissful sigh. I get this wonderful feeling of complete comfort and total support. It feels like coming home.”

 Loan. T from the UK


“After I had my baby. My feet were killing me. My husband (a podiatrist) told me that my feet had not adjusted to my weight change between being pregnant to not pregnant and carrying an infant around 24/7. I had small fractures on my heels, so every step I took was painful. I needed some supportive shoes I could wear around the house or outside. I bought your shoes five months ago. I no longer have pain in my feet. I wear them every day inside and outside my house. I love them!!! They are so supportive and comfortable I plan on buying more for myself. These are my most favorite shoes I own! They are worth every penny!!”

 Amy. J from the USA


“As I speak I am wearing my favourite shoes Po-Zu. Like being on the beach all day.”

 Doug. S from Toronto


“I have a total of 5 different pairs of Po-Zu footwear and truth is, once you start using this brand, it is just very difficult to go back to regular shoes anymore. The Pep boot is my favorite one, warm and cozy and no socks needed!”

Mora from the USA


“I bought these Elm boots, and I am so glad I did! They are SUPER comfortable - like walking on little pillows. Very warm - great in those cool days. They look great too! I've worn them twice and had comments both times.”

Kaniwi from the USA


“I am a big fan of Po-Zu shoes that I discovered 4 years ago - They are the most comfy shoes I've ever worn… I don't think you can actually wear any other shoes after you've tried Po-Zu! ”

Catherine M from California USA