August 24, 2019

Eco Friendly Shoes

For years, we’ve been using innovative, sustainable fibres in our fresh, modern designs and the latest addition to the Po-Zu family is one of the best: Eco-friendly shoes made of Apple Skin - a vegan leather alternative created of natural waste from the apple juice industry.

'Vegan leather' at its best

The material is created by combining the waste from the production of apple juice into a polyurethane mixture which, unlike other bio-based products, doesn’t require soil or water for cultivation. What’s more, because it doesn’t produce any waste of its own, the material’s production closes the apple cycle completely. Thus creating a truly eco-friendly, non-toxic and cruelty-free ‘vegan leather’ that diverts food waste for good.

Sustainable and ethical style

The gender-neutral, everyday sneakers feature a twist on urban utility with smooth lines and striking details. The women’s SNEAK style features a gold Pinatex rear tab and off-white natural latex sole, while the men’s SNEAK upper is entirely made from Apple Skin with gum natural latex soles. The BUTTERFLY style features Po-Zu’s signature laser-etched butterfly logo along the side of the sneaker, a removable Foot-Mattress™ and a stitched natural latex sole in black. Due to Apple Skin’s unique qualities, both styles are water-resistant and highly durable.

Going vegan AND eco-friendly

The new Apple Skin styles are part of our wider movement towards producing 100% vegan Mainline collections that are cruelty-free but don’t come at the cost of the planet. Other shoes feature innovative materials like coconut husks, cork, rubberised organic cotton, and pineapple leaves. All this is just another step in our mission to transform the $350bn footwear industry. Through the exploration of revolutionary materials and ethical production processes, we’ll continue to inspire the world into more sustainable footwear that doesn’t compromise on style.

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If you’re still wondering if Po-Zu is right for you, check out our About page for more info on our ethical production processes, sustainable materials and quality guarantee.