Love Your Feet


Although our feet have the job of bearing our weight all day long, they are often neglected, leading to problems that can affect our health and wellbeing. Shoes unfortunately are often part of the problem, rather than part of the solution. One in six people in the US have foot problems, nine out of 10 women are wearing shoes that are too small for them and two-thirds of foot problems can be attributed to shoes. (

At Po-Zu, we believe that healthy feet are happy feet, and happy feet give us a good foundation for our own happiness. This philosophy is built in to every step of the way we make our shoes, from our super-comfy natural foot-mattress to our unique sizing app, to help make sure you get the perfect fit first time and no squished toes.

In keeping with our name, meaning ‘pause’ in Japanese, our intention is that when your feet are comfortable, they are happy to go for slow walks, long or short. As well as great exercise and a way of letting go of stress, walking can be a form of meditation, just by paying attention to your feet connecting with the earth and the feeling and movement of your body and breath. Walking is a boost for creativity too - many writers and creatives are regular walkers, their words and thoughts coming into being to the rhythm of their walk. So who knows in what new directions your happy feet might take you! 



Modern clothing can contain a huge range of chemicals, from insecticides used during fabric cultivation, to formaldehyde and bromine-based flame-retardants and fluorosurfactants such as Teflon used to improve crease-resistance. There is no requirement for manufacturers to list chemical ingredients on garment labels, which can make it difficult to choose what you wear or to find out more information.

At Po-Zu we make sure you know exactly what’s in our shoes. We only use high-quality materials from reliable sources.