January 06, 2017



We are delighted to release this preview of another key style in our forthcoming AW17 Star Wars™| Po-Zu co-branded collection called Resistance.

This vegan high-top lace-up sneaker will be available from August for women’s, men’s and children; made in organic cotton with the symbol of the Rebel Alliance rubberized badge. Key features include a quilted rear hexagonal panel, removable memory-foam Foot-Mattress™ (allows orthotics placement) in latex and cork, a high-performance grip natural rubber sole, and a highly visible woven ‘Star Wars™|Po-Zu’ woven label on a padded tongue.


Look out our pre-orders launch this coming spring!

For hi-res images please contact press@po-zu.com

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December 16, 2016




We were delighted to announce just last month, the launch of our Co-Branded STAR WARS™ / PO-ZU footwear collection.

We presented our collection comprising official replicas of the footwear worn in the film by some of the main characters (under licence with Lucasfilm/Disney) at the shoe trade show FFANY in New York, where the collection was enthusiastically received. (Read more about the FFANY Shoe Show here).

It is our pleasure to be able to now reveal a sneak peek of one model- the REY boot.

For hi-res images please contact press@po-zu.com








December 12, 2016



What if we told you that Circular Fashion is at least 5000 years old?

Fashion has always been innovative. Inspired by the traditions from Japan, New Zealand and the Arctic, the National Museums of World Culture in Sweden recently started a creative dialogue with a selection of European designers who are championing Circular Fashion.

The museum is home to some amazing historic examples of clothing, textiles and fabrics from across the world that use techniques that are the foundation of circular fashion today.

And Po-Zu could be there too -  We are delighted to have been shortlisted by the National Museums of World Culture in their Circular Fashion project. With your help we could be also be featured in their museum shop in Gothenburg.

circular fashion Po-Zu vegan shoes











In the process of talking to Po-Zu and selected designers from around the world, the museum discovered some fantastic innovations: from pantyhose made from recycled yarn to our own vegan shoes. Find out more about the six shortlisted designers, who responded to objects from our collection with items from their own collections.

You can participate in their Twitter poll to select two designers who will be featured in our museum shops in Stockholm and Gothenburg in 2017!

Read more about the shortlisted designers HERE 

Who will you select from the shortlist for the museum shop in Gothenburg?

1. Materials that flow in the wind like water
Designer: Jeanette Schäring, Gothenburg

2. A unique collaboration with Kenya’s first Fair Trade clothing company
Designer: Secret Samples, Aarhus

3. Vegan shoes made from Pinatex pineapple leaf fibres
Designer: Po-Zu, London

Who will you select from the shortlist for the museum shops in Stockholm?

1. A skirt inspired by a fingerprint
Designer: José Hendo, London

2. Pantyhose that won’t harm the environment
Designer: Swedish Stockings, Stockholm

3. A quilted jacket inspired by Japanese traditions
Designer: Rebecca Carr, York

Have your say, take part in the Twitter poll to choose the designer you would like to see featured in the museum shops in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

The polls will run on December 14 and 15.

The museum will announce the two selected designers on Friday, December 16. Their designs will be featured in their museum shops in Stockholm and Gothenburg in 2017 – so help us spread the word and vote for us.

May good soles be with you!


November 03, 2016


Star Wars™ / Po-Zu Co-Branded Footwear Range

We are delighted to announce the launch of our Co-Branded STAR WARS™ / PO-ZU footwear collection for wholesale at this coming FFANY Shoe Show later this month.

Prepare to step into Star Wars: The Force Awakens galactic ride, wearing boots and sneakers from the first STAR WARS™ / PO-ZU collection. We are thrilled to present our official replicas of the footwear worn in the film by some of the main characters (under licence with Lucasfilm/Disney) alongside our Star Wars™-inspired models teeming with droids and spaceships.

Our founder Sven Segal is delighted to work on this project, saying “This is a fantastic opportunity for Po-Zu to bring high quality, ethically and sustainably-made shoes and boots to a wider market. Star Wars is an amazing brand and an enduring franchise.” .

The first ranges will be available for sale to the general public from August 2017.




October 20, 2016


guest post - what slow fashion means to me

Kate Gumbrell: My life happens in fast mode. I am eternally busy, I plan down to the last minute, and I hardly ever have a chance to catch my breath. But there is one thing that I make a point of doing slowly… fashion.

A year ago, I had no clue what ‘slow fashion’ meant. Yet, today it seems that ‘slow fashion’ is my new mantra. After watching the documentary ‘The True Cost Movie', I made the decision to limit my clothing consumerism to solely ethically sourced, made, and produced garments. I have always kept my ‘fashion footprint’ to a minimum, spending my weekends at second hand shops and attempting to fix and create my own clothes. However, I still chose to stay ignorant to the effects of the fashion industry on developing countries and the environment. The True Cost was the turning point for me. It hit me so hard that I genuinely felt a physical change in the way I thought, felt, and viewed the fashion industry. It all made sense! After being trained (along with the rest of the world) to expect to buy a dress for $5, I realised that for someone, somewhere, it was costing them their life.

Slow fashion embodies the idea that fashion needs to be taken back to a pace that is sustainable. It is a movement that encourages quality rather than quantity, zero waste, living wages, and low carbon footprints. Livia Firth is the leading figure in slow fashion and the founder of Eco-Age. Livia leads the Green Carpet Challenge in which she encourages celebrities to wear sustainably and ethically made garments when they walk the red carpet. From witnessing Livia’s global impact and influence in the fashion industry, I’ve come to hold Livia as a leading role model in my drive towards ethical fashion advocacy.

“Call it ‘eco fashion’ if you like, but I think it’s just common sense.”- Livia Firth.

There are many inspirational “sustainability warriors” such as Livia Firth, who are out there battling the devastation of ‘fast fashion’. Among them are the ethical brands: Po-Zu Footwear, Azura Bay, Kowtow, Braintree Clothing, and People Tree. These brands consciously craft their garments out of organic materials to create eco-friendly and ethically made clothes that are good for the planet and the people. Wearing their clothes gives me a sense of empowerment. Not only am I choosing to be excluded from the fast fashion consumerism demand, but when people ask me where my clothes come from I am able to tell my story and explain how they too can change their consumerism habits.

Learning about the devastation of ‘fast fashion’ can leave us all feeling disheartened, useless, and underpowered. But through purchasing from brands like these, and putting into action a few mindful steps, we can change our fashion footprint and aim towards a more sustainable fashion future.

Kate's FIVE Tips to a Sustainable Wardrobe:

  • Second hand ~ take advantage of your local thrift stores and never say no to your sister’s hand-me-downs!
  • Fix-it ~ keep a basic sewing kit handy and never let an easily fixed item go to waste.
  • Buy less ~ spend a few hours with your wardrobe and dream up different combos you had never envisioned before. Maybe you don’t need to splash out on a new dress for the weekend after all.
  • Fair trade ~ there are several fair trade clothing brands out there, some of which have already been listed, go check them out.
  • Be mindful ~ don’t let tempting sales pull you in. YOU may be saving money, but remember the human cost.

Read more about Po-Zu's own sustainable approach here

Browse Po-Zu's current collection here

October 06, 2016


Happy birthday to us - and say hello to The Better Shoes Foundation!

It’s hard to believe 10 years have gone by since Po-Zu made its debut on the footwear scene with the iconic 'Itten slipper' in 2006, but the calendar doesn’t lie.

To celebrate a decade of sustainable shoe-making, we’re launching one of our most exciting projects to date. No, it’s not a new shoe design. It’s much bigger than that!

The Better Shoes Foundation is a bold step towards a blueprint for a whole new footwear industry - one that is good for consumers, workers, and the environment.



Why do we need better shoes?

At the moment, the footwear industry doesn’t have a great reputation when it comes to being ethical or sustainable. Here are just a few statistics that highlight the scale of the problem:

* Less than 5% of waste from post consumer shoes is recycled.

* Just 2% of the final price of a shoe goes to the workers who made it.

* 85% of the world’s leather is tanned using chromium, which is considered to be the fourth worst pollutant in the world.


How do we solve the problem?

Luckily there are lots of people - including us - doing their best to change things

The Better Shoes Foundation centres around an open-source website that brings together the best practice from across the industry, spanning everything from the design process through material selection and supply chain to post consumer life.

We’ve scoured the world for examples of eco-friendly materials, sustainable manufacturing models and outside-the-box thinking to encourage a collaborative approach to improving the industry.

The site includes lots of useful resources such as a directory of sustainable and vegan shoe brands and links to relevant national and international campaigns, as well as all the legal considerations that producers need to be aware of.


What can you do to help?

By sharing this knowledge with others in the footwear industry, we hope to inspire and educate a new generation of manufacturers whose products are as ethical, eco-friendly and sustainable as they are comfortable and stylish.

And we hope that consumers will get in on the action too. Every time you buy a pair of shoes, you’re voting for the kind of standards you expect manufacturers to adhere to, which makes you a powerful part of the process.

Check out the Better Shoe Foundation website here then let us know what you think, and please spread the word via social media and in person. And if you have any information to contribute, do get in touch - after all, the more people who get involved and the more knowledge we can pull together, the greater the impact we can have.


Or you can talk to us on Twitter at @BetterShoes_F.


September 13, 2016


Wear Organic, not just for September

There are several reasons why choosing organic cotton is important for both the environment and the people who grow and pick it...

organic cotton growing

Organic September is a reminder to consider buying organic, as by doing so, you’ll not only be helping to protect our vital wildlife whilst reducing your own exposure to potentially harmful pesticides and chemicals - but you'll also be helping to support the farmers who work hard to grow our food and cotton crops for generations to come.

And going organic is easier than you’d think. From eating to wearing!

Many of our shoes including our Brisk sneakers pictured here have GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standardcertified organic cotton linings, and organic cotton canvas uppers and are also OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified.

Organic means higher levels of animal welfare, lower levels of pesticides, no manufactured herbicides or artificial fertilisers and more environmentally sustainable management of the land and wildlife.

Cotton is hypoallergenic (relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction) and dust-mite resistant, which means it is the best choice of material for people who suffer from allergies, or those who have sensitive skin prone to irritation. Natural fabrics allow for better air circulation, which helps absorb and remove body moisture.

Our organic cotton lining has a 30% blend of organic linen, which increases durability, and is also known to be a hypoallergenic and hygroscopic material - able to absorb moisture from the air, drawing heat away from the skin and keeping the feet cool and dry.

Cotton is also biodegradable and a renewable resource. During processing, less than 10% of it is lost or deemed non-usable. And of course, organic cotton is even better as no pesticides are used, which in turn means fewer chemicals in the environment and no harm to the people growing it.

August 04, 2016


Po-Zu in the Press - Summer 2016

If your interests include sustainability and footwear it's likely you've heard of Piñatex by now. This new innovative material has taken the vegan world by storm! So thanks to our collaboration with Piñatex we've been featured in the American Express online magazine AmexEssentials, featuring our Ello - and it's great to see their reviewer seems to have enjoyed wearing them!


"Ethical and ecological shoe brand Po-Zu, has three Piñatex versions of its popular Ello flats available online. The second you take them out of the box, you have to agree with Carmen Hijosa. This is not leather. Piñatex is its own thing entirely, with a slightly crinkly look, matte finish and felted feel. The shoes are incredibly light – as light as a pineapple leaf, perhaps – and deliver on the promise of softness, pliability and breathability. They’re something to look forward to wearing, sans socks, all summer long..." Read more about our collaboration with Piñatex here.

And London's own Metro newspaper also took a shine to our Hayley sandals...

"We've just discovered ethical shoe brand Po-Zu.com. Made from vegetable-tanned leather, beech wood and assembled without the use of harmful glue, they also have a 'foot mattress' insert, so you won't need flats for your commute."

Our Hayley sandals come in three colourways of vegetable-tanned leather and feature FSC UK certified Beech wooden heels and what's more, you can get £25 off the classic burgundy/brown in our summer sale!

July 19, 2016


Pause and Reflect

This week we've joined forces with Incredibusy, who runs an eco-conscious Instagram community project, focussing on finding the 'good in life' with the hashtag #sgiew, an acronym for 'so good in every way'.

Each week @incredibusy sets a new theme, and this week Po-Zu are the guest judge! The theme this week is #sgiew_PAUSE and we’d love you to join in, for your chance to win a pair of our light and summery vegan Piper V Brown Linen boots* worth £120 (pictured below).


Why 'PAUSE'?

Did you know that the word 'Po-Zu' comes from the Japanese word for pause?

We want to see pics of you taking a mindful pause...

How do I join in?

Add the tags #sgiew and #sgiew_PAUSE to your Instagram photo/s, showing how you take time out for yourself; think mindfulness, slow living, reflection, walking, being in nature, spending time in the park, toes in the grass, kicking off your shoes, however you find your Pause.


You can connect with us on Instagram @Po_Zu and the hosts for the @sogoodineveryway prize draw @incredibusy, @redtedart and @willowdaygram.

So for your chance to win a pair of Po-Zu Piper V Brown Linen boots* worth £120 add the tags: #sgiew and ‪#‎sgiew_PAUSE to your PAUSE Instagram photo/s.

9 photos will also be chosen to be featured in a grid of 9 on Instagram so keep a look out!

If you prefer to post your entries on Twitter, or Facebook, please tag us so that we can find them @Po_Zu on Twitter and @Po-Zu Footwear on Facebook.

The competition closes at Midnight GMT on Sunday 31st July 2016.
The winner will be announced the week commencing Monday 1st August.

Happy Snapping!

*subject to availability.



July 08, 2016


Bee Good

With dwindling numbers of bees in the UK, we need to look after our buzzing honey making friends. Bee awareness is growing, but we need to do more to ensure the survival of the humble bee. The Royal Horticultural Society says many gardeners are encouraging bees into their garden by planting bee attracting plants, or leaving an area slightly wild in the hope to be as bee friendly as possible.

Two of the charities we support, Pesticide Action Network (PAN-UK) and The Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF) are both currently running campaigns to protect the wild habitat these pollinators depend upon.

Watch Dave Goulson, a trustee of PAN-UK and well known bumblebee biologist's appeal for funding to screen plants to ensure that garden centres are not selling plants full of insecticides.

“Dave Goulson is one of the leading experts on pollinators in the world. His research has been invaluable in understanding the links between pesticides and bees.  Please help him continue this important work” Keith Tyrell, Director, PAN-UK

Support Dave Goulson's work here. 

The solitary bee needs individual nest cells to lay its larvae, hence their name. A bee hotel is easy to make and is the ideal habitat for solitary bees. Use untreated wood to create a box shape or cut the top off of a clean empty plastic bottle for the shell of the hotel. Fill the shell with bamboo, or sticks, ensuring that each one is clean, and that you use different sizes to create the bee friendly gaps.

(bee hotel made by littlegreenshed's little boy for a school eco project)


You can find out more about the environmental charities we support here.

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