guest post - what slow fashion means to me

October 20, 2016

Kate Gumbrell: My life happens in fast mode. I am eternally busy, I plan down to the last minute, and I hardly ever have a chance to catch my breath. But there is one thing that I make a point of doing slowly… fashion. A year ago, I had no clue what ‘slow fashion’ meant. Yet, today it seems that ‘slow fashion’ is my new mantra. After watching the documentary ‘The True Cost Movie', I made the decision to limit my clothing consumerism to solely ethically sourced, made, and produced garments. I have always kept my ‘fashion footprint’ to a minimum, spending my weekends at second hand shops and attempting to fix and create my own clothes. However, I still chose... Continue Reading →

Happy birthday to us - and say hello to The Better Shoes Foundation!

October 06, 2016

It’s hard to believe 10 years have gone by since Po-Zu made its debut on the footwear scene with the iconic 'Itten slipper' in 2006, but the calendar doesn’t lie. To celebrate a decade of sustainable shoe-making, we’re launching one of our most exciting projects to date. No, it’s not a new shoe design. It’s much bigger than that! The Better Shoes Foundation is a bold step towards a blueprint for a whole new footwear industry - one that is good for consumers, workers, and the environment.     Why do we need better shoes? At the moment, the footwear industry doesn’t have a great reputation when it comes to being ethical or sustainable. Here are just a few statistics that highlight... Continue Reading →