December 18, 2018


COMEDY FUNDRAISER Sara Pascoe, Aisling Bea, Deborah Frances-White, Brett Goldstein, Steen Raskopoulos and Sophie Duker. #StandUpToFastFashion

We all want to live our best 2019 selves, so what better way to do so than by starting the year out on the right foot with a comedy fundraiser raising awareness and championing the good guys.

We are delighted to announce this comedy evening which will be raising funds for Po-Zu Shoes' charity of choice - EJF (Environmental Justice Foundation) and the Cup, which is a project of the Freeset Trust*. 

Co-hosted by the wonderful Sara Pascoe, Aisling Bea and Deborah Francis White.

Sara Pascoe, Aisling Bea, Deborah Frances-White, Brett Goldstein, Steen Raskopoulos and Sophie Duker. #StandUpToFastFashion
Venue-details LONDON: Conway Hall
Saturday 19TH JAN, 2019 7:00pm

UPDATE: this event 19 Jan 2019 has now sold out. Please keep an eye on @Po_Zu and @sarapascoe twitter feeds for news on any ticket returns.

Sara has a few tickets remaining for her show: LADSLADSLADS
Sun 10 March 2019
Booking at The London Palladium

Fast fashion businesses are drowning us all with mass consumed, disposable & synthetic clothing at a huge environmental and human cost along the supply chain. Footwear businesses are pumping out toxic chemicals into the factories and the water systems with little health and safety.

Never before has the agenda of global warming and modern-day slavery been more important than now. But we need to act now. Next year isn't gonna count. 

Join us as we join forces with our favourite comedians to bring to light some of the actionable ways in which we can all, little by little, make a huge collective difference to the global landscape of the fashion industry. 

With words from some of the leading movers and shakers on how we can all make incremental change. Expect rebel rousing at its very finest. Fast fashion is so 2018, darling.

Po-Zu is an award-winning ethical footwear brand working to halt the negative impacts of fast-footwear production to the people in the supply chain, the ecosystems around them and the global environment.

Read more about the charities Po-Zu supports here: our charities

*The evening of 19 Jan 2019 will be supporting the following causes:

The Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF) is a UK-based charity (No. 1088128) working to secure international protection for the environment and human rights. EJF calls on governments to recognise climate refugees and support a new legal agreement to guarantee their rights and their fair claim to our shared world. 

The Cup is a project of the Freeset Trust and operates as a community centre, located on the corner of the main entrance into Sonagacchi and seeks to provide a place of community, fun, hope and freedom for women who daily face marginalisation, trauma, despair and entrapment escaping the red-light trade due to poverty and human trafficking. Freeset has been offering alternative employment to the women of Sonagacchi since 2001 and The Cup is a key means by which relationships are formed and freedom found. 

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Photo credit @weemissbea instagram

Featuring @sara.pascoe hair & makeup which was by @naradkutowaroo & @justinejenkins using all cruelty free products.

Aisling Bea styled by @imdeemoran wearing a dress by London eco designer @adazanditoncouture

Sara’s 💃🏻dress is from @one_scoop_store - where you can get second hand designer stuff for great prices - another way to do ethical and avoid waste!



November 15, 2018


Champion an Alternative Black Friday


We believe in a world where people matter more than profit, where businesses produce in a manner that does not destroy the environment and cause harm to human beings in the supply chain through sweated or bonded labour. 

We stand for an industry that does not produce mountains of cheap, disposable products for the sake of commercial growth.

We stand against the mass-overconsumption of goods. This does not bring you happiness.

We believe product should be built fit for purpose, designed to last and bought to be loved: to be mended, gifted and passed down. 

We want to show there is an ethical solution to the unsustainable practices you see today.

Champion an Alternative Black Friday

We need to level the playing field. Your voice and your purchasing power matter more than you think. 

Po-Zu will be offering 40% off from 7am GMT - 16th November until 30th November.

It is our mission to maximise the number of ethically sustainably produced shoes in the world. We are striking back against fast fashion to bring shoes to you at a more affordable price. Simply because there is no other way to do business.

1. Sort out, mend and donate

  • Use what you have, look after the things you own, find something you haven’t worn and give it away, upcycle it into something new!

  • Mend - sew on a button, visit your local cobbler, learn how to darn.

  • Pass the things you don’t wear along. Send them to a charity shop, attend a swishing party or give them to a friend.

  • Volunteer your time to a great cause to do something good, donate 

  • Bake a cake, make something amazing, do something for free

  • Practice kindness, practice random acts of kindness, do something for the sake of being kind!

2. if you buy new, buy sustainable and ethical fashion

The Good Shopping Guide is an incredible resource for sustainable alternatives. It is increasingly accessible to buy organic, fair trade, sustainable brands with a point scoring system for you to easily compare ethics.

Here are a few brands we love:

  • People Tree
  • Howies
  • Thought Clothing
  • Beaumont Organic
  • Wear the Walk
  • Nudie Jeans
  • Lowie
  • Mayamiko
  • Riz Boardshorts

3.  support change

Communicate to your MP’s get involved with organisations and improve practices in the industry,

Share this on your social media!

Support the organisations creating change in the industry:

  • ILO
  • FWF
  • 3Degrees
  • Greenpeace
  • Fashion Revolution


Kate Osborne, PR & Marketing Manager
November 09, 2018


Interview with dancing Beau Bailey on ethical sneakers, music and West End dreams

At our recent photo shoot, we were thrilled to be joined by dancer Beau Bailey who performed her fabulous routine to the infectious Sardonyx by Nile Jay. It turns out our Butterfly vulcanised sneaker isn't just great for a stroll about town but also to get your groove on. 
Why did you choose the white butterfly Ethical sneakers to dance in? 
I like the fact that they are made from organic cotton as I have been trying to incorporate more organic products into my life. They are super comfy with the coconut coir foot mattress which is great for dancing. The fair trade rubber soles are for good grip so I didn't slip when moving too.

It takes grit and determination to do what you believe in - what’s your morning mantra to get you up and motivated? 
I like to take time in the morning to focus my mind, I think about what I am grateful for and remember to be thankful. Then I focus on what I would like to achieve that day. I have goals written down that I want to achieve each month, so I could focus on a few of them for that day, it could be something like 'have a positive day' to 'learn a song for an audition', but it sets me up for the day.

You’re dancing to your chosen track an original by your brother Nile Jay. 
Yes, it is a great upbeat track - I had fun dancing to it! You should check him out at Nile Jay Music (SoundCloud)

Tell us about what you’re doing now and your dreams for the future? 
Right now I am performing in a Motown Show which is great because I get to both sing and dance to amazing classic Motown songs! One day I would love to be in a West End Musical.
You can follow Beau's journey via Instagram and the Vlog of her shoot with us on YouTube. And don't forget to check out Nile Jay's music via Facebook and Instagram 
October 25, 2018


The Cost of Sneakers

We are often asked how Po-Zu sneakers are different to what’s out there in the market.

Sven Segal, Po-Zu's Founder and Creative Director, put together this article to explain how he makes sneakers that don’t cost the planet, and the health of the farmers and the shoe factory workers that produce them. 

We aim to prove that a different approach is possible and make ethical and sustainable business practice the norm. Let's start by looking at STANDARD vulcanised shoes that you find in stores - compared to Po-Zu's ethically sourced and made, toxic-free sneakers.



CLICK here to see the full range.



September 27, 2018


Ending exploitation

2018 annual UK TOP100 corporate modern slavery influencers’ index rankings announced. Safia Minney, MBE, has been recognised as the #9 influencer in the inaugural 2018 Annual UK Top100 Corporate Modern Slavery Influencers’ Index.

Index recognises individuals from all business sectors, third sector, media and academia who are influencers in raising awareness to end modern slavery and labour exploitation.

The inaugural 2018 Annual UK Top100 Corporate Modern Slavery Influencers’ Index, co-created and co-curated by BRE and Sustain Worldwide, has been conceived to simultaneously raise awareness of modern slavery and labour exploitation while recognising the key influencers who are supporting its eradication. Anti-trafficking charity Hope for Justice is the official charitable partner.

The Index is based on the combination of influence on social media, as measured by Kred scores, and advocacy – policy input, speaking and media engagement – in public life, which is evaluated by desktop research. The two metrics are then aggregated via a proprietary algorithm and evenly weighted to produce the final rankings. An independent panel has verified the Index’s transparency, impartiality and robustness.

po-zu safia minney modern slavery influencer

The rankings were announced on 26 September by Baroness Young of Hornsey OBE at a Recognition Dinner held at RIBA, Central London.

Safia Minney addressed more than 100 of her fellow influencers and guests at the Recognition Dinner, said:

“I am honoured to be recognised as having influence as part of this movement against modern slavery. We must all stand up for what is just and decent as human beings. For me, it’s been a personal journey of 30 years, and through the generations, as my great grand-mother was a bonded labourer in a sugar plantation. My passion and anger comes from seeing the violence and institutional corruption that silences, exploits, and abuses human beings. Our legal systems are largely dysfunctional in the developing world, where private security forces vastly out-number the police, who are in any case often corrupt. Victims of human trafficking, child labour, and forced and bonded workers rarely have recourse to the law or safe-haven. I’ve dedicated my life to proving Fair Trade and ethical business is economically possible. We all say that slavery is abhorrent, shocking and disgraceful, but we continue to buy products and services that are clearly made by people in slavery. The middle and professional classes are absolutely complicit in this. They can afford to buy and support Fair Trade and ethical brands and help create a level playing field, so these better brands like People Tree and Po-Zu, can thrive and continue to set the agenda for change.

We need to overhaul international trade. We need import controls for companies where there is not credible evidence that their workers and sub-contractors’ workers, are paid the local living wage. People around the world care and have worked tirelessly to build and be part of the Fair Trade and organic movement, but now we need effective policy from the UK and other governments.”

The rankings of the 2018 Top100 influencers can be viewed here.

Safia Minney MBE is Founder of People Tree and has been a pioneer in ethical business and a campaigner for corporate accountability and eco-friendly lifestyle for more than 30 years, here and in Japan. Safia has established Fair Trade supply chain solutions, initiated World Fair Trade Day with the WFTO, and has defined PR and marketing campaigns and the strategic directions needed to reach new markets. At the heart of everything she has done has been a creative force and passion to deliver social impact, human rights and sustainability. Safia is currently managing director of ethical footwear brand, Po-Zu and is author of 9 books, including ‘Slave to Fashion’, which exposes modern slavery in the fashion industry.

Modern Slavery is an ‘umbrella’ term for labour exploitation, forced labour, child labour and human trafficking. In 2017, 5,145 potential victims were referred to Britain’s National Referral Mechanism, a 35 per cent increase on the previous year. The UK Government has estimated there are between 10,000-13,000 people held in modern slavery in Britain today. The Global Slavery Index has estimated there are 45.8million people across 167 countries in modern day slavery.

Po-Zu will be running a 25% website wide sales promotion of slavery-free, ethically produced sustainable footwear to celebrate, use code GLOBAL25

Safia says: “So honoured, thank you #sustainworldwide, lovely to be in a room amongst such an inspiring community, with great friends Livia (@liviafirth) and Lucy (@theseagull). Please join me to take a stand and only buy slavery free products.”

September 25, 2018


My dreams are about sustainability

po-zu global action day sustainable development goals sdg


I’m dreaming of a revolution that creates a truly sustainable world – want to join me?

I thought it was completely normal to dream about sustainability… The world where I walk in is a land with fields, past rivers and oceans that are teaming with wild life, where people work and play with respect of their natural surrounds. It’s a jolt to wake up to such a different reality, that the world we love is becoming smothered by plastics and swamped by pollution. And that workers health is suffering profoundly in this race to the bottom. We don’t pay the true environmental cost or social cost for the products that we buy. We also know that it doesn’t have to be that way…

I founded Po-Zu, because many people around me felt like I do and wanted pozu-tive shoes. As a shoe designer, the challenge has been how to design a collection as environmentally-friendly as possible, using sustainable materials like organic cotton, natural latex, cork, pineapple leaf-fibre, whilst keeping the styles strong and without compromising on comfortable and durability. Knowing that the workers are treated well and that we are not using toxic substances in the shoes makes me feel proud of what we have created at Po-Zu. We are rapidly growing our business thanks to your support and spreading the love – of people and planet.

Please join us in the sustainable shoe revolution on this anniversary of the Sustainable Development Goals and introduce us to friends with a celebratory 25% off your favourite sustainable shoes this week until midnight on Sunday *.

SVEN SEGAL Founder & CEO, Po-Zu

 po-zu shop now


* The 25% offer is valid on everything when you enter code: GLOBAL25 at checkout. This offer runs until Sunday 30th September 2018 23:59pm BST.

September 14, 2018


London Fashion Week - why Vegan, Plastic-Free and Ethical fashion is gaining traction in the mainstream

Fashion week always sets off with a bang. Following the welcome news that Burberry will stop incinerating some £28.6m worth of unsold clothes and perfume and London Fashion Week goes fur-free. We feel that real change is happening at Po-Zu. 

Read our commentary on the Burberry and London Fashion Week stories as featured by the BBC and The Evening Standard this week.

We love the fact that the vegan dialogue is central to the discussion at London Fashion Week this season. 85% of our new SS19 Collection is vegan and we are actively working to increase this for following seasons. We are excited to be leading the movement for ethical and cruelty-free footwear.

For us, it is an incredibly exciting time in the industry with events like the Bare Fashion Show and Wear the Walk’s Off-Schedule Fashion Showcase taking place at the Groucho Club. This shows a continued shift towards better practice in the industry.

Po-Zu vegan fashion show

In 2015, Po-Zu set up the Better Shoes Foundation to raise awareness to the harmful substances and destructive nature mainstream shoe production causes to the environment and the people within the supply chain. When "less 5% of post-consumer shoes are being recycled" there is great concern about the environmental effect of the vegan and fur-free fashion revolution when it looks to synthetic materials as the solution.  

When it comes to vegan footwear, highly synthetic materials like PVC and PU often replace natural substances to simply tick the cruelty-free fashion box. Unfortunately, these materials are highly exploitative and pollutive to the natural environment and workers who make them. They usually take hundreds of years, if not more to biodegrade, releasing toxic chemicals into the ground as they do.  

At Po-Zu we are seeing a shift towards vegan fashion that is not just cruelty-free but also plastic-free and environmentally-friendly.

Working with naturally vegan and biodegradable materials, Po-Zu aims to raise awareness about the importance of sustainable, ethically-sourced, biodegradable products that look after the people and planet. Our new fair and ethical line in Sri Lanka uses organic cotton and certified Fair Trade rubber, in a more accessible way than ever before. It has been a very exciting development. 


shop Po-Zu women's vegan shoe collection

shop Po-Zu men's vegan shoe collection

Kate Osborne 
PR & Marketing Manager
Po-Zu London Fashion Week vegan ethical fashion Kate Osborne


August 29, 2018



After launching our first BRISK trainers with a unique built-in Foot-Mattress™ 8 years ago (and perfecting it ever since), we are thrilled to launch our second-ever trainers – PACE, which brings together other unique sustainable design and comfort features. 


We challenged ourselves to design a sustainable alternative to the commonly used synthetic EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) running shoes Midsole*. After churning through quite a few prototypes we have successfully constructed it from locally sourced Portuguese cork, which is not only biodegradable and renewable but its also featuring some remarkable technical properties.


Cork is a naturally springy material that can absorb huge amounts of energy, and it is also an exceptional insulator; even NASA uses it in their rockets!

Robert Hooke, an English physicist who discovered the honeycomb-like structure in cork using a primitive microscope back in the 17th century, came up with the law of elasticity. He also coined the term "Cell" for the individual compartments he saw in the cork cellular structure.


Diagram of cork cells as seen by Robert Hooke


*Midsole-  The midsole is sandwiched between the upper and the outsole - typically found in running shoes. It’s the most important shoe component in terms of cushioning and stability.


Pace yourself before making a brisk decision… Whether you have tried our Brisks before or curious to know the main points of difference between our two types of trainers, check out the comparison table below:



Generally, the Pace feels slightly firmer but provides greater bounce, whereas the Brisk is softer and more absorbent.

Whichever way you stride; may good soles be with you.


July 11, 2018


Ethical and sustainable teen fashion blogger Tolly Dolly Posh chats to Po-Zu

We are delighted to interview Tolly Dolly Posh this week, we talk about Plastic Free July, The True Cost Movie, and gifs!

Please introduce yourself... 

Tolly DollyI'm an 18-year-old ethical and sustainable fashion blogger who has been writing for the past 6 years. My blog has slowly become a site dedicated to raising awareness for issues within the fashion industry in a positive, honest manner. I'm also a designer and illustrator, collaborating with brands such as Lost Shapes on a collection of co-branded t-shirts and Wool and The Gang, for their latest collection of animated GIFs that you can use on Instagram. 

Why did you start focusing on ethics and sustainability? 

After the Rana Plaza, the documentary The True Cost was released and it sparked something inside of me. I knew I couldn't sit back and carry on creating the content I was creating without feeling a sense of guilt. I knew I had to use my audience for good and I'm proud that I stuck to that little personal promise. 


It's Plastic Free July - how does this relate to fashion? 

I think most of us unknowingly introduced plastic to our wardrobes. Most of us now own a good portion of polyester made items, as well as other materials such as nylon and acrylic. They're all synthetic and contribute to this era of toxic plastic usage. I honestly believe, like the "Bronze Age", people will look back at this period in time and call it the "Plastic Age" and it's a sad truth to realise that this even relates to our clothes. 
Our clothes (and shoes!) are not only produced unsustainably but they are also extremely difficult to recycle and they take hundreds of years to break down - and even that simply just means breaking down into tiny particles that never really go anywhere. Plastic is here to stay.

How can we avoid plastic in our wardrobes? 

Shop naturally! That's why I love Po-Zu because a lot of the designs are great natural alternatives to many plastic-based, faux-leather options on the market. For example, Pinatex, pineapple leaf fibre, is a great innovation and it's so exciting to see Po-Zu embracing this, along with cork, linen and organic cotton as seen here on the BUTTERFLY indigo trainers - in fact Po-Zu's new Sri Lanka sneakers are 100% organic cotton without any synthetics where a lot of the conventional sneaker brands are not even 100% cotton, they are mixed with synethetics.
The Pinatex designs are a great choice for a Plastic Free July purchase (all the postal packaging is sustainable too - hooray!). Although obviously, there are still many issues around natural fabrics in themselves, shopping natural will always be better because you know that eventually, they will break down more easily and without as many consequences. As well as plastic, a lot of us wear cotton, so embracing that can be a great thing. 
Even look for natural fabrics when shopping second-hand, and avoid plastic microfibres entering the water systems if you use a GUPPY FRIEND Washing Bag when you wash your clothes, The GUPPYFRIEND™ Washing Bag protects synthetic garments and reduces the amount of microfibres that may enter rivers and oceans from washing. After washing garments in GUPPYFRIEND, remove the microfibers from the bag and throw them away in the trash.

Can you tell us more about your GIFs and how you're using them to promote sustainability? 

My GIFs can be found by searching "@tollydollyposh" (or keywords which apply to them) on platforms such as Instagram Stories and Snapchat. I created them after realising there weren't any stickers that helped get a quick and easy message across for people interested in ethics and sustainability. They're fun and easy to use and they've now been viewed over half a billion times. In fact, Instagram themselves loved them too, as I was able to feature them during my Earth Day 2018 take-over, on their official flagship account, @instagram. Exciting, right?
A recent addition is my "Plastic Free July" design which I've already seen being used in the #PlasticFreeJuly hashtag. You can take a look at my whole collection, here
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June 26, 2018


Vegan Festival London - V for

The brand new festival V For will take over The Old Truman Brewery in August, showcasing the best in vegan food and fashion, as well as wellness and fitness.

London Sustainable Fashion Rooms Vegan Festival

Po-Zu are delighted to host our Sustainable Fashion Rooms which will run from 2-5 August, where you will be able to browse our collection of vegan shoes, sneakers and sandals.

Find out about the full schedule and book your FREE TICKET Here:

And we are delighted to update and announce new speakers for the Saturday Breakfast Panel discussion click here for your ticket, £8.14

Making sustainable fashion and lifestyle choices is about awareness and creating powerful systemic change. How are consumers, journalists, bloggers doing this and what can you be part of the solution? What does our plant-based economy look like & what is fashions part in this? CLICK to join this interesting debate:

Chair: Safia Minney, MBE, author, activist, Managing Director of Po-Zu & founder of People Tree 

Damien Clarkson, co-founder of Vevolution

Mark Bloom, founder of ethical fashion pioneer, Komodo

Zoe Partridge, Founder of Wear the Walk

This event is run as part of a series of events for London Sustainable Fashion Rooms, view the full programme & register.

If you are unable to make it, you can shop our women's vegan collection here, and men's vegan here.

V For will kick off on 2 August with a special edition of the hugely popular vegan night market, Vegan Nights.



Book your FREE TICKET Here:
Find out more about HERE 
Follow us on instagram @po_zu and do use our #LondonSustainableFashionRooms hashtag too!