Just landed: X-WING sneaker

po-zu star wars x-wing sneaker


X-WING sneakers
£59 (approx $78)
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Available in WOMENS and MENS sizes


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There is nothing more central to the Star Wars story than the brash and brazen X-Wing pilots whose suspense, skill and one-in-a-million shots fired against all odds of survival make up the very essence of everything Star Wars. Now Star Wars fans have the chance to stride out in Rebel style.

The latest shoe to be released by ethical shoe brand Po-Zu, shows vivid schematic detail of X-Wing fighters in action next to a striking helmet design. Screen printed onto organic cotton canvas with a red embroidered label and foxing detail and stitched for durability, to last longer, the newest model in the line of Star Wars inspired sneakers is unisex, vegan and ethical.

Star Wars Celebration attendees will have the opportunity to view, try and purchase the sneakers in person at the 13th Star Wars Celebration in Chicago where Po-Zu will be exhibiting at booth #5315.


po-zu star wars x-wing sneaker


You can also choose the Astromech inspired R2-D2 design, high tops and low cuts emblazoned with Porgs, a subtle Han Solo inspired Correllian bloodstripe, the new shoe offers subtle Star Wars style in red.

Po-Zu is the first brand to commercialise designs worn by the main characters in the films like Rey, Poe, and Finn, whilst building sustainable materials and ethical manufacturing into the mix.

Working with natural tree-tapped rubber for their soles, a coconut fibre foot mattress and organic cotton uppers, this shoe has impressive sustainability credentials and comfort features built into one.

The shoe supports local communities, uses much less water and pesticide use than conventional cotton and is made with materials found locally - the coconut husk is found locally in Sri Lanka and the natural rubber is tapped from tree plantations two hours away from assembly.

The patented Foot-MattressTM technology made from natural rubber and coconut fibre is designed to protects the wearer from every day knocks as they walk.