Experience the ultimate in comfort

Everybody knows the importance of a good mattress to keep you feeling energised and banish aches and pains. Why should your shoes, which bear the entire weight of your body throughout the day, be any different to your bed? That’s why we have incorporated the revolutionary Foot Mattress - layers of spiralled, naturally pliable coconut fibres linked together with high-elasticity natural latex and wrapped in soft, chrome-free suede*… How deliciously comfortable! 

*We use a comfy eco-microfibre to cover our vegan shoes! 

What makes the Foot-Mattress unique? Air pockets in the mattress react to your weight, heat, and foot movement, so that the coir fibre gently forms itself around the shape of your foot, eliminating pressure points and maximising support. What could be more comfortable than a shoe that is custom-engineered just for you?


Our unique biomimicry design is based on the coconut husk's natural shock-absorber property. Its purpose in nature is to soften the impact when the coconut falls from the tree, and to protect it from breaking when it hits the ground.

Coir has been used for centuries to create bedding and furnishings. It is exceptionally breathable and wicks away moisture quickly. It’s also naturally anti-bacterial, keeping your feet fresh, dry and comfortable no matter how arduous your journey!


Beneath the Foot Mattress you’ll find our advanced Butterfly Suspension Mechanism imbedded inside the heel of the sole. Formed from a special blend of natural latex, it features multiple butterfly-shaped shock-absorbing partitions that gently collapse once your foot hits the ground. This function softens impacts on hard surfaces and prevents fatigue.


Just how effective is our technology? See our reviews to find out!