Shoe Fleur for Po-Zu

We had great pleasure to collaborate with the New York artist Michel Tcherevkoff by crafting his ingenious floral designs of into wearable art!  

Taking inspiration from the pages of his award-winning book Shoe Fleur: A Footwear Fantasy, we have interpreted the flair of Michel's original designs as faithfully as possible and without compromising on comfort.


Despite the technical challenges we have managed to keep our sustainable and toxic-free standards by using yet a different glueless shoe construction for this collection; it’s called a Stitch-and-Turn construction by which the upper is stitched to the sole and turned inside-out. The ability of turning the shoe inside-out also makes the shoe incredible soft, flexible, and ultimately very comfortable.

The uppers are mostly made from printed vegetable tanned leathers, with the exception of the sandal Footloose, which is cotton based. The soles are made from natural latex, while our coconut foot-mattress has been slim-lined and made removable to fit with the elegant look of the shoes.

The Shoe Fleur Collection was exhibited at the Grassi Museum in Leipzig, Germany as well as at the Virtual Shoe Museum.