Po-Zu x Maharishi

S/S 2008 & A/W 2008 

Po-Zu have designed and developed two consecutive shoe collections for the designer clothing label Maharishi. The dual-branded men's line focuses on utilitarianism and multi-functionality, key brand characteristics we've come to know and love from Maharishi. 

For S/S 2008 we designed two distinctive sandals. FLING, a flip-flop style with a collapsible back counter allowing the style to be worn like a casual flip flop or a sandal.  DUAL, was a slide with interchangeable uppers that could be worn as a dual strap or a single flap, depending on your mood.

For A/W 2008 we launched our first versatile boot SEQUOIA, which could be worn at two different heights. The shorter version was a desert boot while the taller version was more of a military style boot. The change in height was achieved by lacing on an extension so the desert boot featured 4 eyelets while the military boot featured 7.