World Fair Trade Day 13 May 2017

World Fair Trade Day takes place this year on Saturday 13 May.

Initiated in 2001 by Safia Minney, Managing Director of, Author of Slave to Fashion, and founder of People Tree; World Fair Trade Day is now a global event raising awareness of sustainable development, poverty eradication and social justice.

This weekend we are asking people to support World Fair Trade Day with the hashtags #WFTD and #EthicalTopToToe and tag the instagram/twitter handles @Po_Zu  and @SlavetoFash.

Safia writes: as People Tree’s Founder and CEO, we were already running World Fair Trade Day campaigns across Japan, with European and US Fair Trade organisations, showing how fairer trade makes a huge difference to people’s lives and community development.

Helping to prevent child labour by helping children attend school and escape poverty; supporting women’s economic independence who have been abandoned by their husbands; and how a strong partnership in trade can help Fair Trade suppliers invest in environmental initiatives. 
Fair Trade has been the most significant global movement that has set the agenda and “tested and proven” that another way of business is possible. It has set the agenda and galvanised the sustainable development, social justice and poverty reduction debate.

It has also led the movement calling for corporate responsibility and accountability.

When I led the initiative to form a recognised World Fair Trade Day in 1999, endorsed by the World Fair Trade Organisation, other Fair Trade companies were quick to support me and many became national coordination offices for their countries.

Before long, there were over 3000 events in over 30 countries around the world from breakfasts created with Fair Trade ingredients, fair trade fashion shows, debates, events, producers meeting with consumers, supported by media, politicians and key leaders, influencers and celebrities. This has led to heightened awareness and the Modern Slavery Act, instigated by Baroness Lola Baroness Young of Hornsey (pictured below with Safia Minney at the Slave to Fashion book launch) where companies of over £36mn per annum, are obliged to report on what they are doing to eradicate slavery from their supply chains. It has also helped shape the debate on sustainability and prove that a new economics approach is possible.

Safia, Lola Young, Livia Firth

Shopping from the ethical pioneers like, People Tree, Po-Zu, Riverford Organics, Ecotricity; etc. Many people are joining campaigns like World Fair Trade Day, Fashion Revolution, Clean Clothes Campaign and introducing the issues to their friends. 

My new book Slave to Fashion explores modern slavery and human trafficking. It is a good read for anyone in business to understand how to go about investigating their supply chain.

I knew the importance of good communications and design when I set up People Tree, as I had worked in advertising and media. I was fed up with supporting bad business and wanted to prove there was another way of doing business. I look forward in my new role as managing Director of Po-Zu, to make it the go-to ethical footwear brand with our amazing team. It’s relatively easy to dress "ethically top to toe" and find a green solution to most of the things that I need to buy from organic food, green energy to eco holidays.

So this weekend we are asking people to support World Fair Trade Day with the hashtags #WFTD and #EthicalTopToToe and tag my instagram/twitter handles @Po_Zu  and @SlavetoFash.

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