September 14, 2018


London Fashion Week - why Vegan, Plastic-Free and Ethical fashion is gaining traction in the mainstream

Fashion week always sets off with a bang. Following the welcome news that Burberry will stop incinerating some £28.6m worth of unsold clothes and perfume and London Fashion Week goes fur-free. We feel that real change is happening at Po-Zu. 

Read our commentary on the Burberry and London Fashion Week stories as featured by the BBC and The Evening Standard this week.

We love the fact that the vegan dialogue is central to the discussion at London Fashion Week this season. 85% of our new SS19 Collection is vegan and we are actively working to increase this for following seasons. We are excited to be leading the movement for ethical and cruelty-free footwear.

For us, it is an incredibly exciting time in the industry with events like the Bare Fashion Show and Wear the Walk’s Off-Schedule Fashion Showcase taking place at the Groucho Club. This shows a continued shift towards better practice in the industry.

Po-Zu vegan fashion show

In 2015, Po-Zu set up the Better Shoes Foundation to raise awareness to the harmful substances and destructive nature mainstream shoe production causes to the environment and the people within the supply chain. When "less 5% of post-consumer shoes are being recycled" there is great concern about the environmental effect of the vegan and fur-free fashion revolution when it looks to synthetic materials as the solution.  

When it comes to vegan footwear, highly synthetic materials like PVC and PU often replace natural substances to simply tick the cruelty-free fashion box. Unfortunately, these materials are highly exploitative and pollutive to the natural environment and workers who make them. They usually take hundreds of years, if not more to biodegrade, releasing toxic chemicals into the ground as they do.  

At Po-Zu we are seeing a shift towards vegan fashion that is not just cruelty-free but also plastic-free and environmentally-friendly.

Working with naturally vegan and biodegradable materials, Po-Zu aims to raise awareness about the importance of sustainable, ethically-sourced, biodegradable products that look after the people and planet. Our new fair and ethical line in Sri Lanka uses organic cotton and certified Fair Trade rubber, in a more accessible way than ever before. It has been a very exciting development. 


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Kate Osborne 
PR & Marketing Manager
Po-Zu London Fashion Week vegan ethical fashion Kate Osborne


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