May 11, 2018

Walk with us to explore the journey

Walk with us to explore the journey we have taken to create the Po-Zu Sri Lanka collection.

Hear from Founder and CEO of Po-Zu, Sven Segal and Safia Minney, MBE, founder and global CEO of Fair Trade fashion pioneer, People Tree.



Sven: Design is the process of creating a new product that in my mind has clear benefits and improvements of existing products, so in my case my angle is sustainability and my goal is to create the most sustainable shoe possible.

A Product to have high aesthetics for people to want to buy them in the first place. I wanted to create shoes that are great, and greater that than what’s available in the market. It’s really important to create a product that respects not only the purchaser, but also the people that have produced it, as well as the environment.

Safia: It’s been really fun working with Sven and the Po-Zu team. We’ve been developing the ranges, but also taking a step back to look at what we can do to to work in more sustainable materials, and to develop more social impact.

What was really exciting in developing the Sri Lankan ethical supply chain for Po-Zu and bringing my fair trade experience to bear on that and looking at these incredible sustainable materials. So you have the coconut coir foot mattress, you’ve got Fair Trade rubber, the one hundred percent natural rubber soles and the organic cotton upper, and of course that’s all put together without using any synthetic solvents.

So this is a really comfortable shoe as well as being an incredibly sustainable shoe.

Sven: It has been incredible working with Safia, I think she brings a wealth of expertise in building ethical supply chains, and working in the developing world very closely with farmers and artisans. She shares the same passions as I do in regards to sustainable materials and production processes.

Safia: I think as an ethical consumer we want to find services and materials that really fit with our values, whether we feel passionately about human rights or sustainability or veganism, we want to find a product and company we can truly believe in. And that’s what gets me up in the morning  - wanting to help to provide alternatives to what’s out there in terms of the conventional market and the mistakes being made.

Sven: It’s my hope that many more people would join us to build the shoe revolution.