February 18, 2020


Vin + Omi London Fashion Week AW20

Friday night in London and we took our seats in the Savoy's famous mirrored ballroom for The VIN + OMI AW20 catwalk show, ready to check out the models' feet as Po-Zu had provided the men's sneakers for the runway spectacular.

"We are very proud and honoured to have contributed to this magnificent show, and left feeling inspired to keep on creating a brighter future for us all."
- Sven Segal, Po-Zu founder, pictured with Ali Clifford, sustainable fashion PR consultant @incredibusy


This season sees Vin and Omi working once again with HRH Prince Charles and the Prince's private residence, Highgrove. The designers have taken a range of waste garden products from Highgrove and recycled them into textiles for the catwalk.


Sven Segal and Ali Clifford at Vim and Omi 2020

Models included television presenter Anita Rani, Rock and Roll's Jo Wood (a Po-Zu shoes ambassador), body-positive champion Honey Ross (daughter of Jonathan Ross) who were walking in the show alongside rapper Lady Leshurr, Olympians, British Boxing champion Richard Riakporphe, Hannah Moore Guardian Journalist, and 2017 Mr Universe Josh Maley.

Po-Zu founder Sven Segal writes: "In contrast to the core theme “RESIST”, it's been an uplifting experience sitting through Vin + Omi AW20 highly inspiring catwalk at the Savoy on Valentine’s night, and we were delighted to spot Po-Zu sneakers on the models’ feet too.

Filled with po-zutivity, the upbeat party-like #LFW show felt like a joyous celebration of creativity, humanity and diversity, whilst pushing the boundaries of sustainability.

Po-Zu Gabi Paradi Vim and Omi catwalk AW20

Weaving garments from dead hydrangea heads, to waste plastic bottles collected during a Brighton beach clean. The Vin + Omi catwalk AW20 also featured hand-picked stinging nettles from Prince Charles’ Highgrove estate shows just how wildly creative and versatile sustainable development can be." 

Featured Po-Zu Shoes: BUTTERFLY White (with the tag still attached!), SNEAK Grey, SNEAK Off-White and the high-top FIRST ORDER popular with the designers, Vin and Omi themselves.

A big thank you to Gabi Parádi @gabriellaparadi (website) and @luca.parodi.photo (website) who both kindly shared with us their amazing photographs pictured on this blog post. The show was filmed by ITV for a documentary airing in Summer 2020.


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