January 07, 2020

Veganuary - more than just a food movement

2019 was a great year for Po-Zu, and the move to change our mainline collection to 100% sustainable vegan shoes.

Through the exploration of revolutionary materials, ethical production processes and innovative design, we’re on a mission to inspire the world into more sustainable and ethical footwear.

We are mindful of annual events such as VEGANUARY (for the month of January, and World Vegan Day 1 November) - however for us, and many of our customers, it's about more than just food. We've asked some of you to share your thoughts on fashion too - Sara @shisodelicious pictured here opens:

Sara Kiyo Popowa, artist, author and sustainable plant-based influencer @shisodelicious

"I love it when I get to adopt my friends' old clothes. I get to wear something I would never have picked myself, something which may actually end up looking amazing – like this fake fur hat and electric blue dress my friend Moko gifted me at her wardrobe clear-out the other day. For a while, 'hand me downs' seemed a little embarrassing to me, a sign of not being affluent enough perhaps. Now, I can see how this is changing - all around me! It's exciting, because the more we can make this kind of sharing, reusing, non-monetary exchange cool, the more it becomes NORMAL, and the less we need to be part of our current out of control consumption. While still getting our 'fix' – 'cause who doesn't like pretty things! There are still plenty of them to go around, let's start sharing!

For the things that I need to buy new (like the ethically made, vegan Po-Zu shoes I'm wearing in the pic), I do my best to place my money where I know it's being used to pay for fair wages, quality materials and skills, and I wear it till its spent, or pass it on!"
Photo credit: @kippysnacks

Sara is wearing white organic cotton canvas sneakers.

Ali Clifford, marketing consultant and sustainability champion @incredibusy

"While vegan shoes can be made of anything that isn’t an animal by-product (or treated with one), it’s equally important to make sure vegan materials are also sustainably produced and don’t come at the cost of our planet. Many materials classed as ‘vegan’ can be exceptionally bad for wildlife, the environment and the workers who handle them. However, it’s possible to make use of incredible materials that tick both the vegan and sustainable boxes, from cork and pinatex to natural latex and coconut husks. You can read more about the materials Po-Zu use in their shoes or shop their vegan ranges by gender below." www.incredibusy.com

Tolmeia Gregory - Ethical and sustainable fashion activist/blogger @TollyDollyPosh

“It's important to remember within fashion, 'vegan' doesn't automatically mean more environmentally friendly or ethical.
A lot of vegan material alternatives turn out to be plastic (derived from oil) which is the production we need to move away from.”


Tolly wears last season's best sellers - indigo hightops - find more organic high tops here: 

Lou Sanders - comedian and actor @LoulieSanders

“Ethical and Bestical Po-Zu, the trainers I wear so much, vegan and brilliant. We’ve got to stop buying so much shit.”


Lou wears BEAUT off-white organic cotton sneakers with a fair trade rubber sole and logo detail.

Keith Lemon @keithlemon on his SID vegan boots "So nice ya could eat them".

Keith wears SID 'vegan leather' utilitarian boots, available in BLACK and BROWN (the Brown are Po-Zu founder Sven Segal’s favourite shoe this season).

Lisa Snowdon - Television presenter and model @lisa_snowdon 

"I’m very aware of what I eat as far as the environment and sustainability and it’s crossing over due to more amazing brands like Po_Zu - into the decisions I make in what I wear and buy.
I think it’s important for us all to do our bit for the environment and be aware of the impact our choices have."

Lisa wears the REVOLUTION sneaker, a percentage of profit from these sneakers goes to the Fashion Revolution programme.



 And the final word goes to Sven Segal, Po-Zu's founder:

“There ought to be a list of ingredients if you buy shoes much like with food.
Most people are unaware of the issues with the footwear industry.
My speciality is shoes, I can tell you there are tons of really nasty chemicals put into ordinary shoes.”

Sven Segal, Founder of Po-Zu.com with the NEW PACE vegan sneaker 

Scroll down to watch VIDEO of Sven introducing the new GREY variant of the PACE vegan sneaker.

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