Valentine's Day – Safia's advice...

Safia writes:

Let’s go to our favourite jazz venue, feast on organic food, melt away into each others eyes, openness and arms and...surrender.

That’s my fantasy, but somehow I get stuck every Valentine's Day, on campaigns about sharing the love.  I’m talking about Fairtrade roses, and ethical, conflict-free jewellery and, does all that ‘stuff’ really matter anyway? when it’s about love, listening, and acts of real kindness and each other's growth?

People like me are growing in their numbers, people who, even on, and maybe especially on, Valentine's day - want authenticity and ethics

Here are some of Safia's personal shoe favourites, that will of course, promote well-being, health and sustainability

His and Hers - Po-Zu Red Resistance sneakers for you both? Hand-crafted in Portugal in organic cotton canvas for the active and fun, this 'matchy-matchy' look is so on trend - and these sneakers are comfortable and stylish too.

Add a little of our favourite chocolate Divine, a company owned by the cocoa producers and good-tasting as well as good-looking.

There also seems to be a 'matching' trend of ethical weddings, if you’re into that form of showing commitment, people are getting wed top to toe in ethical fashion.  (We love this photo from Sarah Passos' nuptials - Fabulous Po-Zu wedding sneakers shot by Sara Reeve)

And for those sisters amongst us, perhaps not in a traditional 'relationship', we might want to empower ourselves with something experiential, why not check out the film season "Girlfriends" which is all about female friendships, at London's BFI, Southbank, SEI  - a selection of films which runs until 20 March - and there’s the classic "Romy And Michelle’s High School Reunion" screening on 13th February for “Galentine's Day”. 

If you’re not based in London, finding a film on a feminist theme for you and your friends is a fun and truly loving thing to do.

And - most of all, be kind. Give warm smiles to strangers in the street if you feel like it. And remember that it’s rare that someone is not in need of a little kindness…

Oh and of course, if you buy something new, buy ethically, so that the love and respect spreads to the producer, and the planet isn’t further stripped naked...

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