Star Wars Celebration - Orlando 2017: Matt's Journal

Matt Dolan, reports from the Star Wars Celebration Event in Orlando, US, April 2017.  He recently attended with Kate Osbourne.  For both it was their first time to join the Star Wars community... 

It's an honour and great experience to represent Po-Zu at the Star Wars™ Celebration Orlando and a great opportunity for Po-Zu to get out there amongst so many enthusiastic fans, to showcase the co-branded Star Wars™ I Po-Zu collection to the Star Wars enthusiasts. 

It was an incredibly humbling experience to have such a positive response to the collection.  They loved the quality and the authenticity of the boots and sneakers and the fact that we use sustainable materials. People would stop and say: wow, these boots are just like the boots worn in the film!". We meet with some 'movers and shakers' in the Star Wars™ community a crazy five days and we met THOUSANDS of Star Wars™ fans and whole families dressed up as their favourite characters.

A big shout out to our friends at Jedi News (@JediNewsUK) for all their support over the five days, you guys were brilliant. 

We have had an amazing number of positive responses to the collection following a great review of our Rey boots from The Kessel Runway (

It was also exciting to see so many of the CosPlay costumes, they were incredibly 'finished', and the great thing about the Star Wars™ I Po-Zu collection is that the shoes really do look the part in any cosplay outfit! The image above was one of my favourite Rey cosplay complete with a pair of Rey Boots!

We were delighted and flattered by the many positive comments regarding how well our shoes and boots are made, something we have passed back to the factory and artisans in Portugal. It seems that for fans, it's definitely an added bonus to discover that the shoes are made ethically.

If you would like to watch those artisans in our factory at work on the MAKING OF THE REY BOOTS, please click here

Oh, and we loved meeting you all so much that we are doing it all again later this month, who will be joining us at the MCM ComicCon in London 26-28th May 2017? I you are there be sure to come and check out the co-branded collection in the flesh! (and meet the team behind the Star Wars - Po-Zu collaboration too!)

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