January 20, 2019

Out-of-this-world photography: @safesolvent walks the walk with Po-Zu

Modern tech meets striking landscapes: Sacha Holub from Po-Zu chats with Martin Reisch, the Canada-based freelance photographer documenting outdoor explorations straight to his captivating Instagram feed.

po-zu safesolvent


po-zu safesolvent

What drew you into becoming a freelance photographer?

Initially, I started my career as a graphic designer doing DVD package artwork (yes, that long ago). Along the way, I started finding myself convinced I could do better than the images I was being given to design with. I ended up shooting a few projects where I did the photography and found myself much more interested in this part of the process. Fast forward many years later and I’m equal parts photographer and videographer. My two professions have been melded together since 2008.


How did you develop the signature @safesolvent style?

Whilst I’m not entirely sure what my signature style is, a lot of the time I’m the subject! What started out as a need to have some kind of scale or reference point when shooting large landscape images, turned into an almost addictive trademark. 

po-zu safesolvent

From location scouting to drone photography, how long does your creative process take?

A very large part of my drone shoots is serendipitous walking around and stumbling upon interesting places. I’ve never been one to use Google Maps to find locations because I usually find the more I plan, the less I find myself inspired.

Has Instagram influenced your photography style?

Instagram has most definitely influenced my photography style. I was already shooting professionally when Instagram launched, this had the appealing challenge of creating an incredible image with a smartphone. It's not as difficult to achieve these days, but I still enjoy the idea that I’m not necessarily going out with the intention to create an image. Instead, I’ve got my iPhone on the chance I stumble onto something. To this day, almost everything on my Instagram feed is either an iPhone shot or a drone shot. I find it freeing to not use the large DSLR equipment that I normally use for work.

po-zu safesolvent

Which other photographers inspire you?

Most of my inspiration comes from filmmakers and cinematographers. I’ve recently stumbled upon the work of the young photographer, Brandon Lu. His work is fantastic and has tons of ambition and emotion. I like seeing the work of people who have only just begun their careers or journeys, with such fresh interpretations and lack of conventions.

We loved spotting our shoes featuring in your work. What do you love so much about your Po-Zu's?

What initially drew me into my first pair of Po-Zu shoes was undoubtedly the Star Wars connection. I have to admit, I’ve never seen such a tasteful use of Star Wars in fashion. When I was about 5 or 6 years old, my mom bought me a pair of Clarks that had a Star Wars logo on them and they were the most incredible pair of shoes I’d ever seen. Until coming across Po-Zu, I'd never imagined wearing another pair of Star Wars shoes. That being said; there’s something incredibly comfortable about Po-Zu shoes and knowing that they are ethically and sustainably designed and crafted goes a long way. 

I’m also a big fan of companies that are reachable, human and considerate. It’s a great treat to buy a pair of shoes and be able to chat with the person who designed them so casually! It’s a big step away from the giant corporations and I find it charming.
po-zu safesolvent
We are constantly inspired by our customers, the beautiful, creative images they take and the story behind them. If you have been working on a similar project to Martin's, we always love seeing your pictures so please do send them through to press@po-zu.com