Po-Zu at Europe’s FashionSVP event – visit our booth, and hear our MD Safia Minney speaking on “Sustainable sourcing”

Come and visit the Po-Zu stand: SB29 at FASHION SVP, London Olympia 16th - 17th January.

Join Safia Minney MBE, MD of Po-Zu & Founder of People Tree, author of Slave to Fashion, will be speaking at 11am Tuesday 16th January; book your seat here: https://www.fashionsvp.com/seminars

Micro-fibre pollution is one of the largest environmental catastrophes that face our planets, oceans and ecosystem today. It represents one of the most significant business, environmental and health risks of our time. Microfibres now contaminate 83% of the UK’s drinking water and ocean pollution of micro-fibres are indigested by fish and all filter-feeders. A fleece sweater can release 250,000 micro-fibres per wash.

As founder and global CEO for 20 years of fair trade fashion pioneer People Tree, Safia will be sharing her knowledge of business practices to ensure protection of the environment from the design process through the supply chain. Do we need a ban on the production of synthetic microfibres as the UK have done with micro-beads?  What can brands do to clean up their act?

By using natural fibres and fabrics, (instead of synthetics), such as organic cotton, PINATEX pineapple, and coconut fibre, cork and other low impact materials like TENCEL®, Po-Zu and People Tree show how biodegradable fibres can be a commercial alternative and protect our eco-system, aquatic life and protect the health of future generations.

For more information about the challenges and opportunities in contemporary footwear design and production, you can visit the Better Shoes Foundation website: http://www.bettershoes.org/

Further details on the seminar at FashionSVP:

Tuesday 16th January Panel: 11.00 – 11.40: “Sustainable sourcing: fresh challenges, new opportunities

A 250% increase in consumer engagement with the sustainable fashion campaign Fashion Revolution occurred in 2017. Also, troubling new evidence shows that the fashion industry has contributed to plastic contaminating 83% of the world’s water table. How can you tap into massive growth in this interest in sustainability, and at the same time future proof your business?

In this expert panel, we address: 

Microfibre pollution – why this matters to your business – and what you can do about it

How sustainable production can be a competitive advantage for your business

Getting buy-in on a sustainable business model from your directors and your team

Tamsin Lejeune, CEO, Ethical Fashion Group and CO moderating the discussion and debate with Safia Minney MBE, Co-founder, People Tree, Oya Barlas Bingül, Development Manager, Lenzing Group, Eric Roosen, CEO, StarSock – Healthy Seas Initiative, Senior speaker invited from Patagonia Europe

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