March 31, 2019



The team were saddened to hear this week that Polly Higgins, author of Eradicating Ecocide, is gravely ill. Po-Zu founder Sven Segal writes:

“I don’t normally pour my heart out openly, but I had an extremely emotional week and I felt that I had to share my feelings on this very meaningful occasion.

One of my dearest friends, the inspirational Earth Lawyer Polly Higgins was diagnosed with advanced and pervasive cancer and a startling medical prognosis of around 6 weeks to live.

This terribly sad news came out with her most recent newsletter, and spread very quickly through the media; check out one of my favourite columnists George Monbiot’s recent piece about Polly’s work.

I first met Polly and heard her speak about her life’s mission at the People and Environment Achievement awards in 2012, where Polly won the most prestigious award - The Overall PEA Champion Award for her extensive work as a barrister, fighting to create new global laws to protect the Earth; and I as the founder of Po-Zu was honoured to receive the award for Entrepreneur of the year. I remember my jaw dropping in amazement and admiration as she spoke. Her radical solution sounded far more coherent, decisive and practical than all the environmental campaigns I had come across previously. Polly instantly become my environmentalist hero. We met backstage, congratulated each other and had a lovely brief chat. Shortly after this, we started to support each other’s work. Polly also inspired me to join Friends of the Earth and take on their Campaign Organiser Trainee program. 

I greatly appreciated Polly’s being an ambassador in wearing and spreading the word about our shoes and boots, and at the same time it’s been an honour and an uplifting thought for me to know that I’m supporting and comforting her feet wherever she goes. I always wanted to acknowledge those remarkable individuals who contribute most to protecting our shared environment, and as sustainable shoemaker, I couldn’t think of a better way than letting them tread softly in our shoes.

Over the years, Po-Zu have supported several environmental charities by donating a percentage from the sales of Po-Zu shoes. One of these being a registered charity of Polly’s, The Earth Community Trust.

We had been working hard on the launch of our Love Revolution shoe this week in aid of Fashion Revolution and workers’ rights, however, this important campaign has somehow been overshadowed by much alarming climate related news such as the drastic decline of insects and pollinators; it all of a sudden seems to be frighteningly accelerating. So of course, Fashion Revolution is really important, especially for my line of work, but clearly nothing is more imperative than the need for a Climate Revolution, without which nothing else will exist, nor matter; not even the most practical object I can think of - shoes.

We are aware that the odds are stacked against Polly Higgins right now.  And if there is one thing she would dearly love to see happen, it is a huge up swell of public support for Ecocide law.  

So please, take a moment to sign up as an Earth protector and contribute towards Polly’s ground-breaking work to protect the Earth by establishing ECOCIDE (ecosystem destruction) as a crime at the International Criminal Court in the Hague:

May the lifeforce be with us all, and may Polly's own Lifeforce win through.”


Sven Segal

Po-Zu Founder & CEO


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