What if we told you that Circular Fashion is at least 5000 years old?

Fashion has always been innovative. Inspired by the traditions from Japan, New Zealand and the Arctic, the National Museums of World Culture in Sweden recently started a creative dialogue with a selection of European designers who are championing Circular Fashion.

The museum is home to some amazing historic examples of clothing, textiles and fabrics from across the world that use techniques that are the foundation of circular fashion today.

And Po-Zu could be there too -  We are delighted to have been shortlisted by the National Museums of World Culture in their Circular Fashion project. With your help we could be also be featured in their museum shop in Gothenburg.

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In the process of talking to Po-Zu and selected designers from around the world, the museum discovered some fantastic innovations: from pantyhose made from recycled yarn to our own vegan shoes. Find out more about the six shortlisted designers, who responded to objects from our collection with items from their own collections.

You can participate in their Twitter poll to select two designers who will be featured in our museum shops in Stockholm and Gothenburg in 2017!

Read more about the shortlisted designers HERE 

Who will you select from the shortlist for the museum shop in Gothenburg?

1. Materials that flow in the wind like water
Designer: Jeanette Schäring, Gothenburg

2. A unique collaboration with Kenya’s first Fair Trade clothing company
Designer: Secret Samples, Aarhus

3. Vegan shoes made from Pinatex pineapple leaf fibres
Designer: Po-Zu, London

Who will you select from the shortlist for the museum shops in Stockholm?

1. A skirt inspired by a fingerprint
Designer: José Hendo, London

2. Pantyhose that won’t harm the environment
Designer: Swedish Stockings, Stockholm

3. A quilted jacket inspired by Japanese traditions
Designer: Rebecca Carr, York

Have your say, take part in the Twitter poll to choose the designer you would like to see featured in the museum shops in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

The polls will run on December 14 and 15.

The museum will announce the two selected designers on Friday, December 16. Their designs will be featured in their museum shops in Stockholm and Gothenburg in 2017 – so help us spread the word and vote for us.

May good soles be with you!

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