February 25, 2019

Fairtrade Fortnight 2019

Celebrate Fair Trade Fortnight with us

Po-Zu caught up with some friends to hear their thoughts on why Fair Trade is important to our planet and how they will be celebrating this Fairtrade Fortnight.

Po-Zu is proud to be working with the Fair Rubber Association as part of our Fair Rubber collection and moving towards better certification along our supply chain as we grow and scale impact. By using the Fair Rubber mark in our shoes, we are able to ensure a better living wage for our rubber tappers.

fairtrade fortnight

 po-zu fairtrade fortnight 2019


Kate Osborne, expert in fashion and sustainability and PR & Marketing Manager at Po-Zu says:

“This Fairtrade fortnight, I will be thinking about all the farmers across the world who help grow the things we eat and wear, and what it means to run a rural farm. I was so lucky to visit rural cotton farming district in India a few years ago, and it was clear to me the impact that fair trade and organic cotton farming had on the lives of the people who grew the cotton.

Fair Trade is more than just a premium, it is a structure that ensures a better life for the producers as part of a community and a means to build something bigger. From schools, to better local transport, better access to healthcare or a buffer against harsh economic times or drought. My favourite Fair Trade brands include Café Direct coffee, Percol coffee, Divine chocolate, and visiting my local market for fair trade bananas in Dalston.”

Ali Clifford, PR and social media marketing consultant at incredibusy.com

It's said that during a recession people look at less expensive consumables - they have trimmed household budgets and postponed buying cars, major appliances and other big-ticket items.

And indeed,less expensive consumables - such as {1} sneakers, {2} chocolate and {3} coffee –  three of my own favourite consumerist treats. 
So Fairtrade Foundation's focus for 2019 being "women who deserve to earn a fair living wage" - and using the #SheDeserves hashtag to highlight this, is so appropriate for myself and many consumers during times of economic uncertainty.

This fortnight it's about asking questions - in the same way that we ask #WhoMadeMyClothes - ask in the cafe, is this coffee Fair Trade, ask the big confectionery players - is your chocolate fairly traded? Read more here

Lizzie Rivera, is a journalist and founder of ethical lifestyle site: www.bicbim.co.uk which finds, curates and promotes the best and most pioneering ethical fashion, food and lifestyle initiatives.

“For Fairtrade Fortnight I'm making sure my morning coffee is Fairtrade. I always ensure my coffee is ethically sourced, but for these two weeks I'm intentionally supporting Fairtrade's #SheDeserves campaign because everyone deserves to earn a living wage. Also, I've just got back from a trip to Kenya where I was bowled over by a Women in Coffee project. Here, women have been given ownership of coffee bushes and therefore their incomes - as a result they are more empowered in society and able to create a better life for their children. It's a real success story. You can read about it here.”

Safia Minney MBE, author of Slave to Fashion, activist and founder of Fair Trade fashion pioneer People Tree, says:

“Fair trade fortnight celebrates sustainability and social justice in business. When have we ever needed fair trade more? Fair trade celebrates a business that puts people and our environment alongside profit, not profit at any cost. Fair trade is the system to promote transparency and accountability and partnership between suppliers & buyers.

The success of Fair Trade proves that another way of doing trade & business is possible and just how much people want to be part of the solution!”

Khandiz Joni, Founder of pioneering new creative booking system, Novel Creatives, built for the fashion industry based on ethical beliefs and values.

“I am going to be celebrating Fairtrade Fortnight by promoting some of the amazing talent we have on Novel Creatives who all use fair trade as part of their working practices and I will also be using lots of lovely fair trade makeup on some of the shoots that I will be working on this week, all the while in my Fair Rubber Po-Zu’s and definitely eating lots of lovely Fair Trade chocolate!”


Interested in getting involved yourself? Head over to Fairtrade to find out how you can join, be it organising an event to getting social on social media.