Eden Project’s ‘Shoe-sphere’

People often ask me; so what is the connection between your small down-to-Earth sustainable shoe brand and the mega Star Wars films ?

As polarizing as it may sound, the connection is becoming clearer to me as our Star Wars collaboration evolves… It is about resisting the dark side - a theme embedded in Po-Zu’s genetic makeup as in the Star Wars characters. In fact, we like to consider ourselves as the ‘rebel alliance’ of the shoe world!

I happened to visit the Eden project last month for the first time, possibly the best place on Earth to remind ourselves just how precious our blue planet is, and how fragile our ecosystem is. Amongst many awe-inspiring sights I spotted the natural latex and cork materials we use in our shoes, all part of the bio-based, sustainable economy, and given a prime place in Eden’s biosphere paradise.


This amazing Eden Project biosphere is very much focused on ecology and sustainability, yet, quite unexpectedly, we stumbled on an entire exhibition dedicated to Space! I instantly asked myself: why on Earth would they introduce such a contrasting alien subject, what is the relevancy?


Because we are trashing our one-and-only planet to bits, without control, it seems like a good idea to explore space and the universe for other options. We may as well look out for other planets to colonize. But before we get there (if you can imagine your great grandchildren colonizing Jakku or Takadona), we must learn to become more sustainable and self-sufficient in our own planet first.

And since we are focusing on the shoe sphere here, it’s probably even harder to imagine how shoes could possibly be harmful (apart from the occasional stiletto accident), so part of our mission is to raise awareness about how astronomically damaging mainstream shoe production is to our planet.

For further info check out The Better Shoes Foundation. 

May good soles be with you!


Po-Zu Founder & CEO 


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