October 19, 2019

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Consumption of trainers - Po-Zu on the BBC

Our founder and designer Sven Segal was recently invited on to the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire Show, to discuss the issues surrounding the consumption of trainers, with the presenter Joanna Gosling.

Other guests were Franklin Boateng who is known by his nickname ‘the king of trainers’, and Charlotte Zamboni from the environmental charity Global Action Plan who revealed survey results that UK teenagers own a staggering 58 million trainers, with teens confessing that almost a third of these shoes - 19 million - were unworn in the last three months. 

You can watch the full show below, where we discussed the carbon footprint left by trainers, and the innovative sustainable materials we at Po-Zu are using such as cork, organic cotton and apple skin made from the waste of the apple juice industry.

Sven: "Mainstream shoes are made from all sorts of nasty chemicals, leather is the biggest polluter in the shoe industry, and our mainline collection is totally vegan for 2019. There is a leather tanning agent called chromium, which is regarded as the fourth worst polluter in the world, yet something like 90% of leather is tanned with this substance."

We were incredibly grateful to have been invited to contribute and we really appreciate the support from friends and family contacting us to say they had seen us on the BBC.

Find out more about Global Action Plan here

Aired on 4th October 2019.

With thanks to the BBC for having us on the show and for providing this clip.

And to Victoria Derbyshire for tweeting about Po-Zu.

Shoes mentioned in this clip


Organic Cotton FIRST ORDER 

Apple Skin and Pinatex SNEAK and BUTTERFLY

Star Wars collection 2019

1 Comment

Stephen O'Brien
Stephen O'Brien

January 13, 2020

I watched this interview with great interest. I really admire what you are trying to do. It’s very innovative, original and noble. One suggestion – please consider phasing out leather/wool and animal based glues if you use them. Having ordered a few pairs of your shoes I know how high their quality is and what fantastic products you already make with no animal products at all! You’re already doing such a brilliant job and I think that if you were to take this final step it would be very admirable and make your ethical integrity even stronger. I know that some vegan shoes are disastrous for the environment, but you guys have all you need to have the best of both worlds – compassion/animal rights, and also love and respect for the natural world!
Best wishes,

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