December 20, 2019

Christmas Message from our Founder

What an incredible year we had. We teamed up with some of the UK’s most brilliant comedians to raise awareness about eco-fashion and raise funds for environmental charities.
Our main line became 100% vegan simply because the single most effective action we can take to reduce our carbon footprint and combat climate change is to avoid consuming meat.
We’ve been featured on the BBC and followed in Rey’s footsteps for the third time to wrap up the latest Star Wars trilogy.
With all the exciting developments it’s been a challenging year overall and I wanted to thank you all for supporting our work, for po-zuing in our shoes and spreading the word about them.
It truly feels like the world is finally waking up to the climate and environmental crisis many thanks to Greta Thunberg and Extinction Rebellion. It’s encouraging to see, however, we still have a steep mountain to climb. Our ambition is to minimise our environmental impact and maximise the proportion of shoes in the world that are made ethically and sustainably.
May 2020 bring us all crystal clear 20/20 vision, so we can focus more on what’s really important in life. Our message is simple: pause and think more often, adapt for a better future, and most importantly keep po-zutive.
Happy holiday season, and may good soles always be with you.

Sven Segal

Po-Zu Founder & CEO

The Po-Zu office is closed from 5pm Friday 20th December until Thursday 2nd January.

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