November 15, 2018


Champion an Alternative Black Friday


We believe in a world where people matter more than profit, where businesses produce in a manner that does not destroy the environment and cause harm to human beings in the supply chain through sweated or bonded labour. 

We stand for an industry that does not produce mountains of cheap, disposable products for the sake of commercial growth.

We stand against the mass-overconsumption of goods. This does not bring you happiness.

We believe product should be built fit for purpose, designed to last and bought to be loved: to be mended, gifted and passed down. 

We want to show there is an ethical solution to the unsustainable practices you see today.

Champion an Alternative Black Friday

We need to level the playing field. Your voice and your purchasing power matter more than you think. 

Po-Zu will be offering 40% off from 7am GMT - 16th November until 30th November.

It is our mission to maximise the number of ethically sustainably produced shoes in the world. We are striking back against fast fashion to bring shoes to you at a more affordable price. Simply because there is no other way to do business.

1. Sort out, mend and donate

  • Use what you have, look after the things you own, find something you haven’t worn and give it away, upcycle it into something new!

  • Mend - sew on a button, visit your local cobbler, learn how to darn.

  • Pass the things you don’t wear along. Send them to a charity shop, attend a swishing party or give them to a friend.

  • Volunteer your time to a great cause to do something good, donate 

  • Bake a cake, make something amazing, do something for free

  • Practice kindness, practice random acts of kindness, do something for the sake of being kind!

2. if you buy new, buy sustainable and ethical fashion

The Good Shopping Guide is an incredible resource for sustainable alternatives. It is increasingly accessible to buy organic, fair trade, sustainable brands with a point scoring system for you to easily compare ethics.

Here are a few brands we love:

  • People Tree
  • Howies
  • Thought Clothing
  • Beaumont Organic
  • Wear the Walk
  • Nudie Jeans
  • Lowie
  • Mayamiko
  • Riz Boardshorts

3.  support change

Communicate to your MP’s get involved with organisations and improve practices in the industry,

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Support the organisations creating change in the industry:

  • ILO
  • FWF
  • 3Degrees
  • Greenpeace
  • Fashion Revolution


Kate Osborne, PR & Marketing Manager

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