December 03, 2020


Cactus and Sugarcane never looked so good!

I’m very excited to share our latest development with you all. 

We think we have designed… our greatest sneaker yet - Cactus and Sugarcane never looked so good!

POZ (pronounced ‘pause’) - A plant-based, cruelty free vegan sneaker, that is ultra-light – light on your feet and light on the planet.  

Made from Cactus 🌵 and Sugarcane, two renewable resources grown organically, in abundance and processed without chemicals and nasties, this is the very latest in sustainable materials. 

It’s a step change, we’re going back to our roots, pushing the boundaries of sustainable shoemaking in a major way. The progress we’ve made has always been slow and incremental, but worthwhile, and it’s shown the industry what’s possible - reminding me of why I launched Po-Zu in the first place, some 14 years ago). 

The POZ’s upper is a vegan alternative to leather, made from the remarkable Nopal Cactus and without any toxic chemicals, pesticides, phthalates and PVC. The Nopal or prickly pear as it is commonly known as, is grown organically from rainwater alone, and harvesting is non-intrusive, just like a haircut, and the plant just grows back, year after year. The sole is made from an innovative bio-based EVA resin, derived from Sugarcane, a fully renewable resource that grows quickly and removes CO2 from the air. 

In terms of design, we have concentrated on the details, even the very small ones. POZ is the first of our sneakers to have Organic cotton shoelaces, and even the aglets (laces tips) are made from biodegradable plastic.

The thought process for this sneaker began over a year ago, when I first discovered Cactus leather at the Sustainable Angle Expo in London. And it’s very exciting now to see it showcased in our sneaker. It has been an inspiring journey these past few months, a passion project during lockdown that has kept me on my toes, during the greatest pause of our lifetime to date.

I’ve always wanted the meaning of Po-Zu (meaning Pause in Japanese), to be more apparent and I’m delighted that we now have created this line which encapsulates that feeling. When you wear our POZ sneakers, and you look down to see the symbol looking back at you, you might be inclined to pause more often, to enjoy the present moment and to be thankful for what you have. 

The timing of this campaign is also very meaningful to me, as we have been working towards becoming a fully Vegan company throughout this past year. We have phased out all non-vegan shoes from our production line over 3 months ago, and I’m proud to announce that on the 1st of January 2021 Po-Zu will become 100% Vegan and 100% cruelty free. 

Considering that Veganism is the single biggest way to reduce our environmental impact (according to a study by Oxford University, published in Science Magazine 2018), we simply had to make this move. And thanks to such brilliant materials like the cactus leather (and many others currently in development) I expect that our reliance on 'traditional' leather as an industry will shift in the not-too-distant future.

We are also proud to support the great work of Fashion Revolution, who have been successfully driving change for years now, and have done some amazing work through Covid-19, challenging the big brands and ensuring factory orders have been honoured and workers have been paid. We will be donating £5 from each pair of sneakers or boots to their foundation. 

Now we need your help to get this sneaker into production. Please check out our POZ campaign on Indiegogo and join us on our po-zutive journey. 

Thank you and stay safe,

Kindest regards,


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