Anthony Daniels C-3P0 these are the shoes you are looking for

Anthony Daniels C-3P0, these are the shoes you are looking for

Spotted at the recent Glastonbury Festival - We were delighted to see Star Wars Legend Anthony Daniels - aka C-3P0, ditched the golden suit in favour of his new favourite Po-Zu BRISK sneakers - thankfully it was a dry Glastonbury weekend, so wellies were not required!Anthony Daniels - wears Po-Zu

We hear from Anthony that he is totally in love with his vegan sneakers - and is keen to try the RESISTANCE sneakers on for size in August!

Thank to Jill Barker at Middlewick for this fabulous photo.

And to see more of our Star Wars collection, visit us at the London Film ComicCon and Anthony Daniels will be guesting at Boston ComicCon in August (where we are sure he will be telling EVERYone about his love for Po-Zu shoes!)

Anthony Daniels is an English actor and mime artist. He is known for playing C-3PO in the Star Wars film series. He is the only actor to have appeared in all of the major films in the series, as well as its many spin-offs.


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