December 17, 2015

“The shoes that helped me to walk again”

We love to hear stories from our customers about how their Po-Zu's have made their lives a little better. But few stories are more amazing than Simon Tapson’s, which he shared with us when we met him at our recent crowdfunding party. We had to catch up with him to find out more.

Simon Tapson

In 2011, Simon was in a bad motorcycle accident. Hit by a van, he shattered both wrists and his right leg. His leg had to be held in place by a ‘Taylor Spatial Frame’, a contraption with pins going into his leg from his knee all the way down to the ankle.

X-ray example of ‘Taylor Spatial Frame’

The advice he had from his orthopaedic surgeon was that he needed to get back up and walking as much possible, painful though it might be. The more he could walk, the more the bones would grind together, and the faster he would heal. But he would need some really good shoes, that would provide as much shock absorption as possible. The surgeon suggested ‘some expensive Nikes’, and Simon bought some. However, these didn’t really work for him, plus trainers weren’t really his style (although, at this point, that wasn’t high on his list of priorities).

One day, he was in Covent Garden, walking with the aid of his crutches and the frame around his leg. He went into the Natural Shoe Store, thinking he might be able to find some better shoes. It was there that he tried on the Po-Zu loafers and he immediately knew that he had found his shoes. They were low cut enough around the ankle that they fitted underneath the frame - and they really did feel like walking on a mattress. These became the shoes that he wore nearly every day. At his check-in, the surgeon inspected the shoes, and told him he had made ‘a really good find’.

Simon's Po-Zu Walla Shoes

Simon had originally been told he would have to wear the frame for 1 – 1.5 years. Imagine. Never mind the pain and encumbered movement when moving around, he missed simple things like being able to feel the mattress beneath his leg when he was in bed - as his leg was always suspended in this cage, with his foot hanging out of the end. After nine months, he went for one of his regular check-ins. He asked when the frame might be removed. “Tomorrow”, was the answer. His leg had healed so fast that he could have the frame removed months ahead of schedule.

Now, Simon is back to full mobility, and under x-rays it looks as if his leg was never broken. Part of this is down to the skill of the surgeon, (and I suspect Simon’s hard work and determination) but Simon also credits his Po-Zu’s for enabling him to get up and walk during that time, minimising the pain and absorbing jolts and shocks. And whilst Simon no longer has to wear any specific shoes, his collection of Po-Zu’s has expanded. He now has 6 or 7 pairs, and they are most definitely his favourite shoe brand.

What’s next for Simon? “Well, I’ve got my eye on the pair of boots with tartan on them. And I’m looking forward to my first Po-Zu shareholders meeting.” We’re delighted to say that Simon did invest in Po-Zu, and encourarged his friends to do likewise. “Even if I didn’t have my own personal connection, it makes so much sense: the combination of sustainability, quality and style, and Sven’s vision for how shoes should be made is compelling – it’s the way the world is going.”

Thank you Simon! And thank you to all our 124 investors. Everyone who has invested will help us help more people enjoy the many benefits of Po-Zu.