November 13, 2015

Walk The Line

Transport for London have issued a new version of the design classic tube map. Focusing on Zones 1 and 2, it shows how long it takes to walk the journey between tube stations instead of riding the trains. 

The number of minutes estimated for the journey if taken on foot have now been added between station names. So now you can gauge whether it is quicker to walk rather than use the underground service.

The map reveals some interesting statistics. Walking the short distance between Covent Garden and Leicester Square should save you time and money as the journey is less than five minutes on foot. Although if pressed for time, you probably wouldn't want to walk between Euston and South Hampstead as it takes a whopping 53 minutes, the longest journey listed for a single station link.

The new TFL map has been created in response to numerous customer requests and bases the times on those from the TFL journey planner. It is part of a wider initiative investing heavily to improve walking and cycling routes across London.

Now you have the perfect excuse to take your Po-Zu's for a stroll with the potential for a more interesting trip and health benefits to boot.


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By Ali Clifford