Baa-cause you’re worth it!

Summer may have come and gone, but if there is one reason to celebrate the arrival of autumn, it’s the opportunity to (hopefully) start to slow down a little, take time for a little self-care in the run-up to winter and get cosy. And you can’t get much cosier than sheep’s wool, whether in the form of a blanket to get snuggly with, your favourite woolly sweater or scarf, or our Po-zus, where we take the opportunity to utilise this wonder material in as many different ways as possible.

We use extra soft unbleached pure wool fleece and felt linings in many of our boots to give that extra cosiness and warmth, at the same time as being breathable.

Our vegetarian Pep and Piper boots not only have a wool felt lining, but have a tweed outer too. The wool for the tweed comes from Jacob sheep, the very cute piebald black and white or brown and white sheep. The tweed is made using pure undyed wool, using mixtures created from the original colours of the sheep fleece.

All of the tweeds we use are British-made. Two of our favourite women’s boots, Liv Tan and Luna Black, are made with a Harris Tweed accent, bringing some country style to a boot that is also perfect for the urban wild. Harris Tweed is made from wool from sheep that have roamed the Scottish highlands and the unique colours come from the wool being dyed before it is spun, the opposite of most tweeds. We’re always blown away by the level of craftsmanship that goes into making Harris Tweed. All the tweed is hand woven on a treadle loom at each weaver’s home on the islands of the Outer Hebrides – the pedal power of the looms is not only energy efficient but keeps the weaver fit too! 

If you’re not quite ready for boots, but still fancy some tweediness, check out one of our most popular lines, the Brisk, which comes in a grey tweed contrasted with a zing of fuschia, and in black with a touch of white speckle.

We haven’t forgotten the men either – our Peasy shoes are lined with pure wool felt, and can be worn as either a shoe or a slipper. So we don’t blame you if you just decide to stay home and put your feet up in front of the fire. They’re the perfect Christmas gift for a man in your life -order now and that’s one present off of the list! 

For more wool wonders and inspirations check out The Campaign for Wool, and what’s happening around the UK during Wool Week this week!


By Olivia Sprinkel 




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