July 21, 2015

Three easy steps to healthy, happy feet


There are many reasons that we love summer – and one of the main ones is that we get to bare our toes and feet, in the comfort and style of our Po-Zu sandals. At the same time, for feet that have been cooped up in socks and shoes all winter, this can be a bit of a shock. Perhaps they aren’t in the best condition they might be…(ahem…)

We sought out the advice of the green beauty blogger, Sofia Latif, aka Miss Lip Balm, who always has the prettiest feet. We asked her how we can best look after our feet using natural products.

The first point that Sofia makes is that it shouldn’t be about getting our feet ready for summer – they should be ready already. Our feet deserve love and attention throughout the year, a philosophy which we at Po-Zu wholeheartedly agree with. 

But there is no time like the present to start. So here is a 3-step guide for happy, natural feet.


1. Scrub

You need to start by getting rid of any hard, dry, dead skin.

A pumice stone is a handy tool for this. You can pick one cheaply – Neal’s Yard sells them for £2.50 A pumice stone is best used in the shower. A foot file should be used on dry (ie not wet) skin.

You can make your own foot scrub to help slough off dry skin. Sofia suggests mixing brown sugar and olive oil, and then rubbing it over your feet – it’s ideal to do this in the morning, and you can then wash it off in the shower. Cyclists and other people whose hands tend to get covered off in grease may be familiar with cleaning their hands using a mixture of sugar and water – so this is a deluxe version.


2. Moisturise

Now you’ve got a good base, the next step is to get some moisture into your feet. A regular body moisturiser isn’t up to the job, as the skin on the feet is thicker and tougher. You can put moisturiser on in the morning, although your feet may feel a little greasy, or wrap your feet in socks after moisturising at night-time for some extra TLC.

You can go for a homemade option here – melting some organic shea butter to soften it, and adding some jojoba oil and an essential oil of your choice, for example lavender.

Or you can try an off-the-shelf product; Sofia recommends the Fairtrade foot lotion from Lush, and L’Occitane’s Shea Butter Foot Cream. Both of which leave your feet silky smooth.

If you have some Po-Zu Edible Shoe Cream, you’re in luck, as you can use it not only on your shoes, but on your feet as well. As it is made of pure organic coconut oil, rubbing some into your feet will give them an instant feeling of well-being, and it also has the benefit of being anti-bacterial.


 3. Polish 

is the finishing touch, but be aware, it can be full of nasties. Sofia advises looking for one that is ‘5-free’, ie is free from 5 of the most common toxins found in nail varnish. Her recommended brand is H J Manicure, and if you want to read more about what may be in your nail varnish, you can check out Sofia’s blog on the subject.


One final word of advice from Sofia – take a softly approach to getting soft feet. Don't scrape or cut dry skin - it is best to work on your feet over the course of a week with scrubs, a pumice stone, a moisturiser at night with socks, and a foot cream every morning.

So now you have no excuse, dazzle us with your beautiful feet! Feel free to share your pictures of your happy feet in Po-Zu sandals with us on Instagram and Twitter.

Thanks to Miss Lip Balm for all the good advice – get more tips on green beauty products at Lip Balm and Hand Cream http://lipbalmandhandcream.com


By Olivia Sprinkel