Because every sole deserves a little pleasure


Ahhh, our new campaign launch is here! This isn’t a sigh of relief, but something altogether more pleasurable thanks to our unique Foot Mattress™. All is revealed in the climax to our new video…



Stimulating activities such as the naked bike ride and naked yoga are a clear reminder to us that we humans possess an innate fascination with bare flesh. Indeed, where marketing’s concerned, we all know that ‘sex sells’.

Perhaps we at Po-Zu have avoided this sort of image in the past for decency reasons, or possibly because all this time we’ve paid less attention to the physical body and more to the sole.

Yet there are deeper sides to sexuality. This became very apparent to us after one of our customers wrote in to tell us: “Every time I put my Po-Zu shoes on, my feet give a blissful sigh.”

Imagining what that blissful sigh may sound like is what sparked the idea for our new video and wove it all together.

We got especially aroused by the ethical message behind our campaign strapline – Because every sole deserves a little pleasure – a reminder that pleasure is a basic human right and one which is worth spreading.

There’s something quite tantalising about sharing a little naughtiness now and again but be careful not to sigh too loudly whilst walking in public in our shoes... as tempted as you may be!

Of course, please share the video – in whatever way you see fit.


The film was made by London-based design studio Blueski, and directed by Gerard McDonagh.  


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