The perfect fit

Do you remember when you went to the shoe store as a child? And you put your foot on the long ruler, and the shop assistant slid down the metal bar till it met your toes. Then they checked the width of your feet. You tried on a couple of pairs, most likely the sensible shoes chosen by your Mum when secretly you were craving the ones with bows or the trainers with the flashing lights. But even so, you walked out of the store, proudly swinging your new shoes in their bag. And your shoes fitted – until your feet grew again, and the process was repeated.

As adults, we think we know what our shoe size is, but often we are a different size in different brands – and sometimes we just end up buying shoes that don’t fit. And, whilst shopping online is convenient and saves us traipsing around stores, it can be difficult to know for sure exactly what size we will be. At Po-Zu, we’re always on the hunt for ways to make life easier for our customers and ensure the comfort of their feet, so we were delighted when we serendipitously bumped into Anne Currie, the founder and brains behind WhatsMySize.

For the past couple of years, WhatsMySize has been making it easier for people to order the right size of clothes first time online. Enter your key measurements into the app, and it will calculate what size you are in participating brands. Eureka! No more having to order multiple sizes and returning incorrect sizes. And fewer returns is better for the environment too, helping to cut carbon emissions from deliveries. Needless to say, when Anne explained the concept to us, our natural first question was “Do you have a version for shoes?” The WhatsMySize team hadn’t yet branched out into shoes – but were up for developing a shoe-size app with us. We started bouncing in our Po-zus with excitement.

We are now bouncing even more since we have launched the app for our new spring/summer range of women’s shoes and sandals. Over the past couple of months, we’ve been whipping out our tape measure at every possible opportunity to measure people’s feet when we come across them at home or in the office (we’ve restrained ourselves from doing so in the street). The data we’ve collected on the shapes and sizes of feet has all been crunched by the WhatsMySize techies and matched with the sizes of our new range.

We’ve put together a short little video explaining how you can measure your feet, and get the app to tell you what size you need in your preferred style. We’re proud that we are the first online shoe retailer to be able to offer this service to our customers, and in doing so being able to lower our carbon footprint. Many thanks to the WhatsMySize team for choosing us to develop the app with. Give it a go, and let us know what you think. We hope your feet will thank you!

We’ll be rolling out the app to cover men’s and further women’s styles in the coming months. If you want to keep up-to-date with all latest news, you can sign up to our newsletter, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.


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