February 24, 2014

Walking for peace

I had a great pleasure to be introduced to Guillem Ferrer recently by Satish Kumar, who sensibly thought that we eco shoe designers were likely to have a thing or two in common. I was astounded to discover just how remarkably similar our world-views are, as if I met my lost twin brother…

Guillem was responsible for introducing the concept of sustainability to Camper over a decade ago as their Creative Director during their eco-considered heydays, and while they were still producing shoes locally in Spain. 

Despite moving on to support greater environmental causes, such as managing the Education for Life Foundation and founding the slow movement Poc a Poc (‘Little by Little’ in Spanish), Guillem is still very passionate about artisan and low-impact shoe making, and is keen to spread his knowledge and offer his assistance to footwear producers for free, with the hope that they will adopt his vision to become a part of the solution.

Click here for the full Walking For Peace film version (30 min)

Guillem says: “The way shoes are made today is totally the opposite to the way that life creates things. We cannot continue doing business as usual. We are at the right moment to create a new culture in the way we do business and products; a culture that unites:

-       Matter with spirit

-       Science with consciousness

-       Ecology with economy

-       Aesthetics with ethics

-       The head with the heart and the hands”.

If you happen to be connected in any way to the shoe industry, and are interested to go a step further into Guillem’s beautiful holistic approach, feel free to drop him a line at guiemf@gmail.com I’m sure he will be pleased to hear from you!