January 06, 2014

Re-slow-lutions; where the magic happens

A Chinese proverb rightly states that “a journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step” and with 2014 already underway, it’s important that ambitious, idealistic New Year resolutions don’t overshadow the real opportunity for lasting change in our lives. So how is your resolutions list looking for this year… are the usual suspects on there… losing weight, stopping a bad habit or learning a new skill? You may find it’s more effective to look at small changes in behaviour rather than try to overturn deep-rooted habits.

Slowing down

Everyone is busy; work commitments, family, running errands - there aren’t enough hours in the day and we have already forgotten what we did last weekend. Time to slow down we think! Po-Zu means ‘pause’ in Japanese, which is the focal point of our company’s ethos. We believe in living at a relaxed pace, relishing the journey and making sure our impact is minimal. Make 2014 the year you do less, by taking on fewer tasks and focusing on what is really important. Try doubling the time that you allocate to a task so that your stress levels can be easily managed; multi-tasking is no longer an advantage! You will be more productive, creative and find it much easier to deal with unexpected change if you have given yourself space to breathe.  

Be present. It’s not enough to just slow down, apply yourself to what is going on around you. As Gandhi said, “there is more to life than increasing its speed”. If you are eating, savour the taste, be mindful of all the flavours as you chew, of the different textures.. think about the preparation of the food and where the food came from.

If you are cycling, take the slow lane! By going at a leisurely pace, you can appreciate the scene as you pass by, contemplate your day and enjoy a safer journey. If you walk a lot, try and pause occasionally to smell the flowers. And here is a simple calming exercise that you can do anytime your feet are on the ground… As you inhale imagine you are drawing air through the sole of your feet, up through your legs and body. As you exhale imagine the reverse.

Getting out of your comfort zone

Comfort reigns supreme here at Po-Zu, with our coconut foot mattresses continuing to please people, like one happy wearer (Olivia) said: “ They are a bit like sinking into your favourite sofa each time you put them on”.  Check out her blog about the ‘slow moving creative good’ concept, featuring our shoes.

As much as we try to extend people’s comfort zones, being too comfortable in your life, can hold you back. The New Year can be a great time to test your inner strength, discipline and embrace new experiences. 

Go beyond self-interest

Each year many of us make resolutions completely focused on ourselves. Could this be the year you commit to volunteering at your local animal shelter for one hour a week? Or maybe you could do without your daily cappuccino and instead give the money to an environmental cause. As Charles Eisenstein said “In a gift economy the more you give, the richer you are…” 

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