Are you a Walking Experiment?

If you broke down every part of your daily life, how many nasty chemicals could you have been exposed to without even knowing, or simply assumed that they had been pre-tested for safety?

On a daily basis, we are exposed to thousands of chemicals in our appliances, electronics, food, furniture, make-up/skincare, transport; a never-ending list which we can’t easily escape from! We have been led to believe that the appropriate governing bodies have set the necessary guidelines in place for our protection, but is it enough or are they being influenced by private companies trying to sell their products? It’s time to acknowledge the connection between the extensive chemical manifestations in our lives with the increase in disease rates, and do something about it.

The Human Experiment - Festival Trailer from Don Hardy on Vimeo.

Two upcoming documentaries The Human Experiment and Unacceptable Levels are shedding light and exposing the truth on this very issue. We ought to question what’s in all the products we consume, since the information is not openly presented for us to scrutinize and better understand. There is massive financial gain for a few, by keeping the masses in the dark. 


One of the doctors interviewed for The Human Experiment documentary sums it up. She said, “Information that’s only held by some people only empowers some people. So it may be that a producer only knows what’s in their product and they want to vouch that it’s safe but if the public and the government and if scientists can’t see what’s in the product and don’t have any information about its safety, then that doesn’t give me much assurance.”

So together let’s try and turn this around. Information is power and it is up to us, as a collective for good, to make choices that encourage a healthy, chemical-free life. We can do this by spreading the word, by donating and supporting campaigning charities that contest the powerful conglomerates lobbying the government to keep this issue under wraps. Then of course, there is our purchasing power. And what better time than at Christmas when consumption is at all time high. Buying from companies who are producing products that are made ecologically, organically and free of harmful chemicals is one of the easiest things we can do to empower and change the status quo.

Maybe try and change one aspect of your life each month as a new year’s resolution, such as your skincare range or food? We’d love to hear how you’re doing on your personal chemical-free endeavour, feel free to share any tips to the rest of our community!


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