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Ever feel helpless in the face of all the Internet and media noise out there? We know what it’s like – you try to make choices that lead to a healthier and more eco-conscious life. But it can be quite tough. There is always new information coming our way and due to the power of the media – we often don’t get told the whole story.

That is why we thought we would post a blog about some tech tools out there that aim to make life a little easier. We can make a real difference with how we spend our mighty currency…

GSG Ethical Shopping App

The Good Shopping Guide Ethical Shopping App draws on the information from the world’s best-selling ethical guide. You can get helpful information at your fingertips on over 700 famous brands, including Po-Zu! Sections include Food & Drink, Health & Beauty, Fashion, Travel, Energy, Home & Office and Money…so you can start making ethical buying decisions in every area of your life! Each company is critiqued on their Environmental, Animal Welfare and Human Rights records – download it today for only £2.99…and check out where Po-Zu ranks. And as an added bonus, 10% of all the proceeds go to Friends of the that is smart shopping!


Ordering online has revolutionized how we purchase goods, but we can’t always know where things are coming from and the supply chain. This plug-in seeks to tackle the child labour issue head on by preventing your browser from displaying clothing that may have been made by minors.  Created by Active Against Child Labour, who aim to pressure and hold companies accountable for their supply chains. The plug-in works on sites like ASOS and Amazon.

Good Guide 

Whether you are out and about or simply doing some research, the Good Guide app has social, health and environmental performance ratings about 120,000 products. The purchasing power you hold as a consumer can come into full force here, as you simply scan a barcode to get the information you need. You can select the issues that concern you most and create a personalised shopping list.

Shop Like a Star, eBay  

Many people are influenced by and interested in celebrity culture. Many follow what their favourite star does very closely and will even buy products simply featured in advertising. But this is not a complete cause for distress, thanks to an initiative by eBay, called Shop Like a Star. Available to iPad users, you can log on and purchase things on your favourite celebrity’s page. All purchasers contribute to that star’s selected charity or their own foundation. To date $339,476,055 has been raised – turn shopping into philanthropy!


Do you buy a coffee a day? Or do you take the bus from the station when maybe you could walk? This app is about making choices that result in a little spare petty cash. And with that cash what could you do with it? Substituting everyday purchases can accumulate to a decent contribution to a cause of your choice! So think about it, if you usually do this, don’t. INSTEAD….

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