Perhaps we have all watched too many superhero cartoons in our childhood to turn the idea of saving the world into a cliché, but after the recent IPCC report the threat of climate change is no longer a fantasy. So wake up, get real, and join the low carbon movement!


To mark today’s 10:10 we’ve come up with a list of 10 of our favourite eco heroes, and a short line on why we chose them:


 1. Kumi Naidoo
Because saving the Earth takes more than holding up placards and writing letters to people in power; hats off to heroic (yet peaceful) activism.  @kuminaidoo


2. Tony Juniper
Because Tony had shown us that money does really grow on trees! It’s about time we focused on conserving nature since it pays us far more dividends than any financial institution ever would.  @TonyJuniper


3. Caroline Lucas
Because we need more MPs to hug trees, as opposed to arm dealers and fossil fuel companies CEO’s.  @CarolineLucas


4. Bill McKibben
Because 350 is more than just a number; reducing CO2 levels back to 350ppm is our safest bet.  @billmckibben


5. Franny Armstrong
Because its hard to admit we still live in the age of stupid, and cutting back our carbon by 10% a year is a neat way to gradually wean us off without going cold turkey.  @frannyarmstrong


6. Andrew Simms
Because we are still in time to cancel the apocalypse; phew! Read his book to find out how.  @AndrewSimms_uk


7. Thich Nhat Hanh
Because peace starts from within, and “Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.” - is our favourite quote!  @thichnhathanh


8. Ellen MacArthur
Because we need renewable energy like wind in our sails, and the circular economy seems like the only way to go without drowning in a sea of waste.  @ellenmacarthur


9. Rob Hopkins
Because the Transition Town model is an awesome way to live in harmony with both nature and our communities.  @robintransition


10. Polly Higgins
Last but certainly not least, because Earth needs a good lawyer to implement Ecocide as the 5th crime against peace.  @PollyHiggins


Also check out today’s 10:10 #itshappening gallery there are some amazing climate success stories from around the world; nice shots of optimism for a change!

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