September 19, 2013

Common Ground

We were delighted to meet Polly Higgins for the first time while celebrating as winners (in different categories) at last year’s PEA Awards. In his speech, Sven paid tribute to Polly and her work, sending out a call to action urging people to support the initiative of eradicating ecocide

A year and a half on and we are thrilled to finally add The Earth Community Trust to the selected charities we support.

We are also honoured to support Polly’s very own soles and delighted to have her as a brand ambassador for Po-Zu!

We believe Polly’s mission to end ecocide is hugely important, and so in case you’re unfamiliar with her work, check out this inspirational Ted talk-

As much as we care a great deal about people’s feet, the future is actually in our hands; please take a moment to sign the European Citizens’ Initiative to make Ecocide a crime in the EU.