September 16, 2013

Future Fashion

Last night I had a dream about an intriguing semi futuristic scenario… 

As the world is increasingly gasping for clean air (surpassing 500 ppm of CO2 at this point in my dream), we have become obsessed with carbon capturing to such an extent that a peculiar law has been implemented...

Every unused personal space that is regarded as being excessive has to be used to capture carbon. The examples that grabbed my attention were a couple of wearable items; tall hats and platform shoes.

Sponge like carbon capture devices come in different shapes and sizes for mainstream usage, and everyday items have been re-designed and adapted to accommodate such fittings.

Do you think this could become a reality one day?

Will the content of clothing ever become more important than the way they look?

It reminded me that back in the 17th century we (the English) were taxed by the size of our property windows - that’s where the term ‘daylight robbery’ came from.

In a similar but fairer manner, the fashion of future taxation may evolve beyond just paying fees for certain usages, to incentivise us to make more meaningful contributions to society and act in more considered ways for the common good.

Utilizing the use of space more sustainably is just one example, and in this particular fantasy the practical sense is getting rewarded for capturing carbon, perhaps similar to the way we get credited for uploading extra renewable energy into the grid beyond our own consumption.