Our ‘Good for Nothing’ Springboard

We had a big night out just over a month ago… Our Good for Nothing friends pulled together an unforgettable show of solidarity to put a bouncier spring in our step.

For those who are unfamiliar with their awesome work; Good for Nothing is a community of creative doers who apply their skills and energy to solve important challenges collaboratively and help accelerate the work of change-makers and projects for the common good.

We never had such a large bunch of positive brainstormers handling our shoes in such an investigative, imaginative, and constructive way, and we feel very fortunate to have gone through this eye-opening transformative event.

So after this turbo-induced powwow- it’s now time to walk the talk; we are ready for a long, steady and invigorating hike accompanied by a cumulative community of good soles. 


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