October 01, 2012

The joy of spinning

We are excited to be featuring the luxurious touch of world-famous Harris tweed on our women’s boots this season; Pep, Piper, Liv, and Suji.  

The two sophisticated looking tweeds we’ve picked are Black twill - dappled with subtle coloured specks, and a traditional flecked-pattern Barleycorn tweed that provides coarse appearance where the colours merge into a single shade from a distance.

Unlike most tweeds, Harris wool is dyed before being spun, which allows them to blend a multitude of colours into their yarn.  With each thread containing a myriad of different colours a cloth of great depth and complexity is produced. 

Apart from its striking appearance, the beauty behind Harris Tweed lies in its impressive heritage, authentic artisan workmanship, and low-impact production that is 100% locally sourced and fully traceable.

So no wonder we fell in love with their tweed, check out this inspiring video about the Harris legacy and their conscience approach to production.

HARRIS TWEED HEBRIDES from caspar zafer on Vimeo.

We especially like their pedal-power looms; not only they are energy efficient, but it keeps the weavers fit too!

This ecologically sound textile provides us with both mental and physical comfort, which fits in rather perfectly with the nature of Po-Zu.

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