March 14, 2012

Don’t tread on people, tread on coconuts

Check out our first ever Po-Zu animated clip. It all started as a play on the classic story about how Newton discovered gravity. We swapped the apple with a coconut, and thanks to getting hit on his head our inventive dude discovered how to make super comfy bio-based shoes…

Turning a coconut into a shoe may seem gimmicky, but it was certainly an ‘aha’ moment when our dude realized what he could do with coconut fibres. In nature, the layer of husk surrounding the coconut acts as a shock absorber to protect the coconut from breaking when it tumbles down. Dude imagined it would make a perfect bedding for a shoe, and so began Po-Zu.

It’s great learning from nature and adopting its models to design smarter products, which are also more sustainable. This design discipline is called Biomimicry, check out some other inspiring examples here:

Mother of Invention