many legs make light work

We just finished reading the latest issue of our beloved green mag Sublime , which this month focuses on working together. That got us thinking about, not only how much more we can achieve when we work together, but also how much more fun it is…

Take for example the Pedibus that we spotted in London recently. It is kind of a communal bicycle that allows friends or complete strangers to propel themselves along using a joint effort of pedal power. The super strong but light weight aluminium chassis allows cyclist to sit in a dinner table formation and to chat, socialise and even enjoy a drink or two while pedalling.

The Pedibus has next to zero emissions as it drives purely by pedal power and its lights and sound system are powered by solar energy. Maybe one day, the Pedibus will replace urban buses and trams… imagine what it would do for the environment, to our fitness levels, and our social lives!

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