what a corker!

We recently went to a great green show called UK Aware http://www.ukaware.com/ and met so many lovely people... We were especially delighted to discover the UKCork Industry Federation http://www.cork-products.co.uk/ as our love for cork has been growing stronger then ever this season. 

Cork is a very unusual material in that its cells are aligned in a honeycomb type of structure and filled with air, making it very compressible and elastic. When pressed, cork will return to its original shape. This property makes it useful for many purposes in industry and the arts.

There has been concern in recent years about wineries switching away from cork. The reason for the shift is that a cork stopper can occasionally ruin the taste of wine. Rather than being a good environmental move, it is argued that the shift away from cork will be damaging to the environment. The reason is that without wineries using cork, the demand for cork would fall to the point that cork forests would stop being maintained or replaced altogether with more profitable products. Therefore, coming up with new and innovative uses for cork may be critical to its future.

Being such an amazing versatile material, we wanted to share with you a few of the coolest and unusual cork objects we found…

"Roll Chair" made from 3000 wine corks, by Gabriel Wiese



Cork Umbrella by Sandra Correia


iPhone cork case by Griffin




Sofa by Trevor O’Neil

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