High heels with the right kind of impact

It’s easy to have a love/hate relationship with heels. You might have a favourite pair that you wear to work for important meetings or for a night out. Slipping into heels can – literally and metaphorically – help you to walk tall, giving you an extra boost of confidence. They're not called ‘power heels’ for nothing.

Research has shown that the gait of women wearing high-heeled shoes is deemed ‘significantly more attractive’ than women wearing flats, by men and women.


But the downside is that you know your feet are likely to be crying out for help by the end of the day or the evening. Perhaps you pack a pair of flat shoes to take along with you as the get-out clause. Whilst you may get the power boost, you are likely to not be getting the comfort.

There was a furore at the Cannes film festival in 2015 when a group of actresses were turned away from walking down the red carpet because they were not wearing high heels. This showed the extent of the expectations on women to wear high heels on certain occasions. We applauded Emily Blunt for taking a stand and saying "We shouldn’t wear high heels anyway". Women should be able to wear what they feel comfortable in and not be dictated to by archaic dress codes. (Although we don’t applaud her for saying "I prefer wearing Converse sneakers". Have you tried our Brisk, Emily?)

But if you do happen to be invited to a red carpet event, or just want a pair of shoes for the office or for a special occasion, there is an alternative to burning feet in heels. Help is at hand (or at foot), in our new range of Po-Zu heels and wedges.

We’ve designed them in such a way that you don’t need to compromise on comfort to enjoy that extra bit of height. Our Hi-Rise collection features a cork based contoured Foot Mattress, with shock absorbing natural latex inserts, a highly comfortable last shape, and a wooden wedge or heel that naturally absorbs impacts far better than the widely used hard plastic heels. The range includes elegant strappy and open-toed sandals, so we can help you find the perfect match for your occasion and outfit. Keep an eye on our blog for some inspiring fashion ensembles featuring great ethical and sustainable brands in the coming weeks.

Maura O’Neill, a business professor at the University of California Berkley, told a journalist for a Washington Post article about the impact of women wearing heels in a business setting; “My advice is: Show up who you are and own that. Heels or flats”. That seems like pretty good advice to us! And you can choose from Po-Zu heels or Po-Zu flats, knowing you’re not making any compromises. And surely a person who is comfortable in their own skin is the most confident and powerful of them all?


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