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ethical guidelines


ethical guidelines


Our family tree


The way we work with people is extremely important to us, especially if they are a fundamental part of what makes our brand’s products. We like to make sure that our producers are treated with great care and respect as part of the Po-Zu extended family. All our shoes are produced in what is probably one of the most ethical and ‘clean’ shoe factories in Portugal, and is fully compliant with the Ethical Trading Initiative Code Of Practice.



The 70-strong factory is specialized in orthopedic/medical footwear, and carries a strict non-toxic policy to ensure workers’ safety. Nearly all their industrial waste is recycled, and over 70% of their electricity derives from renewable energy.

We carefully choose like-minded suppliers, particularly in regards to their ethical guidelines, but also their eco policies. Because we only use natural materials, we can confidently say that all the workers throughout our supply chain are not exposed to any toxic substances while producing or handling our components.

Po-Zu is certified by the Ethical Company Organization as a company upholding human rights, animal welfare and the environment.



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