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Don’t tread on people-tread on coconuts!

Check out our Spring-Summer 2012 animation.

The idea was to combine fun and creativity with a serious ethical message.

We hope you like our magic trick of turning the coconut into a shoe :)

The way we make shoes

We are delighted to show you the fascinating process of making our coconut husk foot-mattress, which is the heart of our shoes.

The journey takes us from the coconut palms of Sri Lanka to the mattress factory in the UK, and finally to Portugal where the shoes are made. The coconut husk is dried and tightly wound into a rope, so that when it is cut, the fibres are released and swirl to form a natural spring. The bedding of swirly fibers that results is then sprayed with natural latex, binding the fibres into a mattress and adding elasticity.

The coconut foot-mattress is embedded in all our shoes. Check out why we have come up with the foot-mattress idea, and its benefits.